At times life isn't that easy, nor very fair or simple. Many of us get hurt, scared or abused, and some of us even lose our faith and good will. Despite our negative experiences, the fact is we still have received loads of remarkable gifts from this world. Additionally, there are many more on the way if we know how to open up to them.

On your life journey, especially during the hardships you have encountered, you were supported, helped, encouraged, taken care of, rewarded, inspired, and loved. In those moments you found yourself in the role of a taker because that is what you needed at the time.

Today it is your turn to give back.

Take five minutes to pick a good cause and donate whatever amount you can. If you are in a situation where donating is not an option because you can barely make a living, send prayers and goodwill. It will still have a positive effect. Don’t overthink your decision, there are many causes that you can choose from, and if you start ranking them by priority you will feel bad about yourself for not being able to donate to all of them. Simply pick the one that first comes to your mind and fills your heart with warmth. Giving should inspire a feeling of happiness and gratitude.