Today, tap into the magic of creating the future you desire.

The present moment is all we really have, yet our future matters a lot. If we ignore the future we end up undermining the ¨now¨. Thinking about tomorrow helps us in dealing with the difficulties and challenges of today. It also allows us to design, create, and manifest a fulfilling future for ourselves by using the virtue of intention.

Take a moment to define what would you like to do/have/be in the course of five years from now. Be specific and do not limit your dreams and hopes at this stage. Include everything that matters to you: goals you would like to achieve, an experience you would enjoy, stuff you´d love to possess, skills you want to gain, etc. When you have the list, take a moment to look at the items and kindly thank ¨God, The Universe, Creation,” for sending these gifts your way. Declare that you are open and receptive to these gifts and that you are willing to take the needed steps to claim them. Being receptive to the ¨goodness of God¨ also requires patience and faith that these wonderful things are possible for you. Have trust that you are worthy of all the richness Life has to offer. Show gratitude for all the greatness that is yet to come to you.