Today, tend to a place of imbalance.

Everything in life strives to be in a place of homeostasis, including our mind and body (despite our unbalanced actions). So when somebody experiences depression, anxiety, obesity or any other illness, it is a result of an imbalance in some area of their life. There will also always be elements outside our control that, when we least expect it, will throw us off balance.

Imbalances are not inherently ‘bad’.

They make us who we are. We must come to appreciate the downs just the same as the ups because ultimately they are one in the same. We can’t experience the highs without the lows. We cannot learn from mistakes by always playing it safe. We’re all trying to stay on our feet in some way or another. Simply acknowledging that always being perfectly balanced is unattainable is quite liberating.

Finding our feet again.

Ignoring the external noise and tuning into the moment gives us the attention we deserve to notice what small adjustments are needed to find more balance. The body talks when it moves, telling us what it needs less or more of. The mind offers insight during a shower. When we are silent, it speaks.

There is a constant circulation of advice and hints offering suggestions for better balance. We just have to be open enough to hear it, then brave enough to do something differently.

The key to keeping balance is knowing when you've lost it.