Today, let’s find what our dominate body type is and choose one healthy lifestyle habit that is most suited for us.

If you put the wrong fuel into your car it will breakdown. We must first know what kind of car (body) we have to know what type of fuel (food) to put into it and how it was designed to be driven (exercise).

Each person’s body type is woven through our genetic code. This unique code is primarily determined at birth, while also constantly fluctuating based on our environmental experiences.

Find your unique body-type blend.

Dr. S. Ajit and his team at the Ayurvedic Health Centre in NZ put together a short and effective quiz that uses information about your basic nature to determine your general body type. They then offer lifestyle suggestions based on any current potential imbalances.

After taking the quiz, return here to log in the comments or private note how you plan to tweak your lifestyle towards one that’s more healthfully suited for your body type.

Living a life in alignment with our basic nature is a life-long journey. It requires bravery to try something new and determination to replace an adverse habit with a positive one.

My body type is ________ .

Today, I will honor by body and live in more alignment with my basic nature by avoiding ___(one habit that adversely affects your body type)____ and including more _____(one habit that positively affects your body type)_______ .