Today, define what has worked for you during this epic journey.

Wow, what a journey! Although we often overestimate what we can get done in a day, we typically underestimate what we can do in a month. So let’s stand proud at the top of this mountainous milestone and appreciate how far we’ve come.

Mmm … maybe even partake in your favorite snack as a reward ?

As we look out on the trail that lead us to where we are now, we can begin to define when, where, and which routes and behaviors inspired us most on our health journey. This type of healthy reflection further crafts our inner compass so we can confidently continue on towards a healthier, happier well-being.

Question for healthy reflection:

  • When did you feel you made healthy progress towards your intentions?
  • Where were you when you most often felt inspired to take action towards your healthier intentions?
  • Which behaviors were you engaged in that directly contributed to healthy progress?
  • In what ways did you surprise yourself?
  • What areas do you feel deserved to be explored further?

Below are the illustrations for each session in this 30-Days of Health Series.

Let them fade from one to the next as you reflect on the days that resonated with you and inspired you along your journey.