Today, don’t act your age.

Just because our body ages, doesn’t mean our heart needs to—or should! In fact, staying young-at-heart and filled with a sense of carpe diem has been shown to add years to our life!

What actually makes us age?

We’ve found that our cells are constantly dying off and replacing themselves with fresh, new ones. So if most cells in our body don’t last longer than 18 years before they are replaced with a new ones why then, would we ever look more than 18-years-old?

Aging is an attitude.

When our cells replace themselves, they not only pass on a physical imprint, they pass on an emotional imprint. This emotional imprint comes from our attitude. Age, then, is an attitude.

Growing old, is an attitude.

So the key to retaining our youth into old age is to retain a joyful attitude that permeates our cells.

The younger your attitude, the slower your physical body will age.

Youthful aging is not immaturity.

Having a youthful spirit is not to be confused with immaturity. In fact, the opposite is true. If we let the number of our wrinkles get to us, we lack the emotional maturity to retain our youthful spirit and will just become just another ‘cranky old man’. Retaining our youth with maturity requires a joyful spirit that is proud to let our growing wrinkles smile.