Find yourself a cozy seat and start today's Going Deeper meditation below:

Sitting or lying comfortably and quietly, take one deep breath. Where do you feel the breath most strongly? In your nose, within your chest? Take another deep breath. And another. Bring your attention to the places in your body where you can most feel the sensations of breathing. Let your breath rise and fall naturally, there is no need to control it.

This moment is one of the many unrepeatable moments you will have in your life. There is only one minute in which you are alive, this minute, here and now. Take a moment to soak in the truth of that statement. The power that exists within the now.

Did you find your mind naturally drift off into thought? You do not need to clear your mind of thoughts. Thought is not the enemy. Notice the nature of thought. Is it fleeting, changing, unpredictable, entertaining, uncontrollable?

Bring your attention back to the breath. And now to the body. Bring your attention to the sensations you feel in your hands. Do they feel hot, cold? Are they tense or relaxed, closed or open? Notice the temperature of your skin. Are there parts of your body in which you feel pressure, tingling, vibration, tension, or warmth?

Let any thoughts you are having, pass on through. Bring your attention back to your breath, back to wholeness.

Take a moment to marvel at how capable you truly are. How your heart steadfastly beats day after day. How your body takes in nutrients and releases toxins without much conscious effort. You have everything you could ever need at your disposal. The ability to think, to feel, to perceive. The capacity for love, compassion, and understanding. The spark of curiosity and joy of cultivating purpose. The ability to be reflective, resilient, and solve problems as they appear in the now.

Can you sense the truth of the ordinary miracle that is you?

Let your intention be to release all ideas and experience your physically aliveness as it is. Step into the space of pure awareness.

Where is the void that you have believed to exist? Imperfection is not a personal problem to be solved or filled, it is a natural part of existing, of being human.

In this moment, do you accept yourself just as you are? Try to sense what you are looking for? Why you felt called to do this challenge?

Breath. Put your awareness back into your body, if your thoughts are taking your focus.

What about the lack you perceive? Just where exactly is the lack? Is it in your toes, your belly, your hands? Can you sense the subtle energy field around and within you?

Where is the self anyways? Can you point to it? Are you who or what you think you are?

Lean into the perfect essence that is you, the love within you. The perfect you, is the love within you.

Clarity, kindness, wisdom.
Clarity, kindness, wisdom.
Pure awareness, love
Pure awareness, love, could this be your true nature?
You are already complete. You are already home.