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Today, we will quantum leap our level of understanding when it comes to matters of the heart by relying on creative insight rather than analytical thinking.

31 thoughts on “Day 5 – INSIGHTFUL”

  1. I find that when I let go of guilt, judgment, or thinking and am just present, I have my best insights. When I am in the now. Because thinking isn’t who we are. We are who we are when we are present. When I think, it’s either based on preconceived ideas from the past, or fears of the future. Thinking is not based on the present. When I am one with all around me, when I am meditating, when I am simply being- the best ideas flow freely.

  2. I have to be honest here. It’s been a while since I have used my creative thinking in a normal state of my. I am a recovering alcoholic and I just got out of treatment. I felt I was more creative when I was drinking, but I won’t be drinking anymore so I am learning to know who I am all over again.
    I know I like to write and I love doing my Dailey intentions inspired. So for now I will have to say that I get my best ideas here, because I’m focused on my Dailey intentions, and how beautiful life can be when I am connected and seeing positive rather than negative. My ideas can reflect what I feel.

  3. My best ideas actually come when I’m not trying to “solve” a problem, usually when I’m doing something totally unrelated. I definitely fall into the “shower thoughts” thing – especially if I’m out and talking with other people and/or doing something physical (like hiking).

  4. Resting. Resting my brain by taking a break or sleeping seems to allow me to see things in a different light and that’s when I can think objectively and come up with new things or solutions

  5. To being connected to my heart, being passionate and inspired, being free and daring not thinking too much about the outcome but just caring to provide something meanininful.

  6. When all is quiet and I am alone with my thoughts and I am able to journal that’s when my most insightful moments come when I am struggling with a problem or something and I just start writing it is helpful for me in certain situations to just start writing because I see the situation problem or my feelings on paper then I am able to better work them out and the solutions and peace just find me then

  7. I realise that I can’t think of any inspiring insightful ideas that I’ve had at all. I think I have stopped all my ideas in their infancy because I didn’t have the courage, trust or faith to see them to fruition. My A-Ha moments are all surrounding my abusive upbringing. They stem from suddenly waking up to myself and seeing people and situations for what they really were. These moments of facing undeniable truths moved me forward in my life. Years of using logical thinking to find solutions and answers didn’t work. There is this deep instinctual knowing that comes and you say “A-Ha, how have I been so blind”. That’s what I see as creative instinct. It’s when your gut instinct tells your logical mind to “shove over”.

  8. My most insightful thoughts come during those moments when I stop judging myself and others. I have my most brilliant/loving insights when I am living in the moment and accepting life as it comes.

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