When to end the relationship …

Sometimes the “right” decision is to leave the person you are with, but that decision is best made from a more neutral state-of-mind, not from a place of strong emotion or fear.

Instead of weighing the pros and cons and making rationalizations with your intellect, try letting your intuition take the lead when it comes to romance. Take a break from thinking about your relationship for a bit. Give yourself time to breathe and your mind to quiet. Your ability to make a more informed decision will be markedly greater from this calmer place.

You don't need to entertain or act on every thought that pops into your head.

When petty thoughts or memories about your partner arise, play around with the fact that your judgments aren't objective and thus can be taken less seriously or ignored altogether.*

*This is not recommended for people in abusive situations. Abusive behaviors should always be taken seriously and personal safety is of the utmost importance here. Abusive can be defined as any time you feel physically or psychologically unsafe.