Two modes of thinking.
Depending on if our thoughts are ruminations or reflections is what will determine if we are closing or opening the door to experience love and connectedness.

    Rumination is that cycle of being caught in a trap of repetitive thinking. It feels compulsive and it just takes all of one’s focus and attention and this type of thinking does tend to cause feelings of sadness stress and distress anxiety and worry. It feels really personal and the options for solving the problems at hand seem really limited or at the very least unsatisfactory from this approach, from this kind of thinking.
    When someone’s in a reflective state, they are more inquisitive. They’re more introspective, more neutral. They tend to be more open to receiving new ideas considering new possibilities. They are much more in touch with their own intuition and open to guidance.

Is your overthinking limiting your love?

Let’s have a little bit of fun with this. Below is a chart that details the different elements and experiences that tend to come with either mode of thinking either, rumination or reflection.

In review this list, it’s clear that being in a reflective state of mind is more effective when it comes to dealing with problems of the heart and life’s problems in general. But it’s important to realize that every human being goes in and out of these two modes of thinking.

What can be really practical is not to try to stop yourself from ruminating but to at least hold off on making major decisions until you’re in a more neutral, reflective, and clear state of mind.