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Today, let's think critically about the human system in order to shine a light on our current blind spots.

46 thoughts on “Day 3 – SUBJECTIVE”

  1. I really fall into all-or-none thinking a lot. I feel like I have to be doing something 100% perfectly, or it’s a failure. It’s something I’m actively working on fixing my mindset around, and reading and hearing about this in today’s intention has been really eye opening. Just the way of thinking of this as “subjective” is much better than “it’s all in my head” – which can sometimes make me feel crazy.

  2. I have experienced all of these and unfortunately still catch myself doing some of them. The one I notice happening to me most is the negativity bias. I constantly replay bad things happening to me while I’m awake and when I dream and when someone else says something negative about me to me, it confirms my negative bias toward myself.

  3. I know that i have beliefs that get in the way of love but they pop up and interfere without any input from the conscious me. It sucks and i want to change this.

  4. I think the negativity bias is the one i notice the most right now, unfortunately my mind does not stop at focusing on the negative things that happen it creates negative things that have not happened!

  5. All or none thinking has got to be the most noticeable because I hear myself saying out loud all the time “never, always, destined to fail, forever alone etc”. Even when its something small like forgetting to take out a coffee cup, I say well my significant other will always think I’m a slob because I cant ever remember to do this task. Oh and the fact that my significant other also says the phrase “why is it always black or white with you”. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. I think all or nothing is something I really struggle with. I find it hard to realize that there are gray areas in life and that things just fail because you mess up here and there.

  7. I struggle with 2 of these often first with all or nothing thinking and also with negativity bias and my self image and confidence has suffered a lot because of these that is part of the reason I want to do this challenge because I want to commit to helping myself learn to love who I am so I can in turn love others more and enjoy more of life in that way

  8. I would say negative bias happens to mechanic the most. I do take a lot of pride in doing well and accomplishing things but when I hit a wall, fail or even receive criticism it would hurt me a lot. One way I’ve learned to overcome this is to write down solutions or positive moments that happened before or around what ever made me upset.

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