I am creative


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Today, get ready to tap into those natural born creative juices as you express yourself for the wonderful being that you are.

94 thoughts on “Day 2 – CREATIVE”

  1. One of my favorite ways to be creative is by painting, coloring really of any sort can super make me feel really good. I often use coloring to help with anxiety attacks.

  2. I love to make up spur of the moment stories and tell them to children. Storytelling is very special for children and the looks on their faces as they intently listen is priceless.
    I have been told many times I should write children’s books maybe I will start today.

  3. Thankyou everybody here, all of my life i have been trying to find a hobbie or passion, your comments have helped me so much, i think i will buy a colouring in book to start.

    Thankyou again for your inpiration ❤

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