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30 Days of Bravery

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  1. INSPIRED - Ignite the Brave Spark Within
  2. COMMITMENT - Align the Heart & Mind
  3. SELF-AWARENESS - Navigate with Confidence
  4. PRESENCE - Embrace the Power of Now
  5. ENOUGH - Wholehearted Embrace
  6. PREPARED - Clarity to Ease Fear
  7. HEROIC - Own Your Story
  8. CAPABLE - Turn Dreams into Reality
  9. VULNERABLE - Embrace Authentic Living
  10. CURIOUS - Illuminate the Path Forward
  11. COMPASSIONATE ~ Transmute Fear into Understanding
    7 Inspirations
  12. CALCULATED ~ Take a Leap of Faith
    7 Inspirations
  13. AMBITIOUS ~ Replace Resistance with Persistence
    7 Inspirations
  14. DETERMINED ~ Focused Energy to Thrive
    7 Inspirations
  15. RESOURCEFUL ~ Take Creative Ownership
    7 Inspirations
  16. FOCUSED ~ Create the Future
    7 Inspirations
  17. PROGRESSING ~ The Next Best Step
    7 Inspirations
  18. ADVENTUROUS ~ Embrace the Mystery
    7 Inspirations
  19. OPTIMISTIC ~ Turn Obstacles into Opportunities
    8 Inspirations
  20. OUTGOING ~ Support Accountability and Well-being
    8 Inspirations
  21. HUMBLE ~ Open-hearted Embrace
    8 Inspirations
  22. GRATEFUL ~ Antidote to a Fearful Mind
    7 Inspirations
  23. RISKY ~ Avoid Regret
    8 Inspirations
  24. PERSISTENCE ~ Unleash Inner Grit
    8 Inspirations
  25. RESILIENT ~ Thrive Through the Struggle
    8 Inspirations
  26. EUSTRESS ~ Transform Stress into Growth
    5 Inspirations
  27. CONFIDENT ~ Embody Authentic Power
    9 Inspirations
  28. CHANGE ~ Embrace Transformation
    8 Inspirations
  29. GROWTH ~ Mindset to Overcome
    8 Inspirations
  30. BRAVE ~ Embody the Inner Lion
    8 Inspirations
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CURIOUS – Illuminate the Path Forward

🦁 Day 10 of 30 Days of Bravery


Today, let's embrace curiosity to discover our true selves and gain clarity on the path we're meant to take, so that we can live a more fulfilling life.

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By cultivating a sense of wonder and asking ourselves the tough questions, we can break through the barriers that hold us back from knowing ourselves more intimately and achieving our inspired goals. Whether it's a fear we need to overcome or a challenge we need to tackle, let's lean into our curiosity and trust that it will guide us toward growth and transformation. Let's take a step outside of our comfort zone and ask ourselves, “Why not?” – so that we can open ourselves up to endless possibilities and new adventures.


“You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.”

– Andre Gide
  • I courageously embrace curiosity, as it is my guiding light towards growth and understanding.
  • My curiosity transforms fear into a powerful tool for personal development and discovery.
  • I trust in my ability to ask questions, even when it feels uncomfortable, because I am committed to my healing and growth.
  • Every challenge I face fuels my curiosity, inspiring me to explore new horizons with bravery and determination.
  • I am resilient in my quest for truth, using my courageous curiosity to break through limitations and expand my perspective.
  • I celebrate my unique journey of exploration, fueled by my boundless curiosity and courageous spirit.
  • I am unafraid to challenge the status quo, as my courageous curiosity leads me to uncover hidden truths and profound insights.
  • As I nurture my curiosity, I become more confident in my ability to face uncertainty and navigate new experiences with grace.
  • I honor the power of courageous curiosity within me, allowing it to guide me towards a richer, more meaningful life.
  • My curious spirit transcends fear, empowering me to dive into the unknown with courage and determination.

Come beloveds, let us journey forth
on a path of curiosity and worth.
An open heart and a curious mind
reveals the truths we were born to find.

As we release the need to know it all,
uncertainty becomes a welcomed call.
Blessed are the ones who seek to learn,
their spirit alive with an endless yearn.


In today's 10-minute meditation, Gia guides us to discover the wisdom and insight within us by becoming curious about what we feel, experience, and think.

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Blessed are the curious with endless adventure.

धन्याः सन्ति अनन्तसाहसिकैः जिज्ञासुः

Blessed are the curious, with endless adventure.

Try asking three consecutive ‘whys’ to someone today.

Take notice of how generic responses can be broken down into meaningful answers when you show someone you're truly interested in getting at the heart of what they are saying.


Bring to mind a fear that you would like to overcome.


Now, ask yourself and journal your answers to the ‘3 whys':

  1. Why does this fear make you feel scared and uncomfortable?
  2. Why does it matter to you that you overcome this fear?
  3. Why have you previously been unable to overcome this fear?

Nice work! You've just completed Day 10 of 30 Days of Bravery 💪🦁

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