INSPIRATION ❤️‍🔥 Ignite the Brave Spark Within

Today, let's gain clarity on our brave intentions so that we can courageously act in more alignment with our deepest sense of Self.

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From a tiny spark may burst a mighty flame.

From a tiny spark may burst a mighty flame.

– Dante Alighieri

Within our being, a spark ignites
and fills the soul with courageous might.
With deep intention as our guide
may our heart beat light into the night.
With each step forward, our spirit soars
embracing what our heart adores.
As challenges surely come our way
may we courageously seize each day.


I am inspired because I can feel a flame inside me pulling me to create more and live life more fully. In any given moment I have the choice to push through resistance, be brave, and fuel that inspiration into courageous action.


In today's 10-minute meditation, we will use our breath in ways that will allow us to take in inspiring new energy and let go of old layers. With every breath, we bring new life-force energy into our bodies. Our inhalation provides oxygen and prana to our cells, while exhalation helps release toxins and emotional stress. Each breath can be seen as a life cycle, a chance to get inspired and let go of limiting beliefs.

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Pure intention, effortless action.
शुद्धाभिप्राय, अप्रयत्न कर्म।

with pure intention comes effortless action

Choose a physical object to serve as a reminder of why you committed to this 30-Day Brave Challenge.

Embed your intention into an object

Embed your intention in this object. Strategically place it where it will be seen/used every morning during this short, powerful exercise.


Create a list of things that have inspired you in the past to take brave action.


Congratulations on completing the first day of your 30 Days of Bravery Journey! You've taken a powerful step towards your personal growth and self-awareness. The fact that you're here, fully committed to this journey, is a testament to your courage and resolve.

The key takeaway from today's session is the power of inspiration to ignite brave actions.

Like Dante Alighieri said, “From a tiny spark may burst a mighty flame”. Your intention, your spark, has the potential to ignite and drive your actions towards your goals. Remember your affirmation, you have the choice to be brave and push through resistance, converting your inspiration into courageous action.

Your object of bravery, chosen during today's micro-act, will serve as a daily reminder of your commitment to this journey. May it fuel your courage each day. And remember, every breath you take during your meditation is a new chance to get inspired and let go of limiting beliefs.

Tomorrow, we'll explore even deeper the power of our intentions. So prepare to delve into your commitment to this journey with an open heart and a focused mind.

Thank you for being a part of this community, your bravery inspires us all. Feel free to share today's takeaways in the comments.