In the world of martial arts there is a lot of importance given to a person’s center of the body, located about 2 fingers above the navel. This center point is also referred to as “one's center of gravity,” the “dantian,” “sea of qi,” and the “elixir field” (among others). Bringing one’s attention to the center, we immediately begin to cultivate a greater sense of balance, focus, and strength. Therefore, if we want to become more aware, we must start by centering ourselves. We can do this by directing more intention into where our attention goes.

A simple way to center yourself is to follow the three-fold path to centering:

  1. Become aware that we are off-balance.
  2. Set an intention to connect to our center.
  3. Bring the intention into action by directing our awareness towards the center of our gravity (that space just above the navel).

It takes time and patience to develop the skills you’ll need to be connected to your center. So make sure to practice gently and don’t push yourself too much. You are just at the start of this journey, so even just a second of centered presence means that you are going in the right direction.

“Bringing awareness to one's center cultivates balance, focus, and strength.”