In the morning before dressing, light some incense and meditate for at least one minute.

Here's a fun one-minute meditation exercise you can do right now and save to use anytime time you feel uncentered:


Take a deep breath.

Breathing in through the nose,

Breathing out through the mouth.

Breathing in feeling the lungs expanding,

Breathing out feeling a sense of letting go.

Breathing in to feel the body getting fuller,

Breathing out to feel the release of any tension.

Breathing in feeling alive and awake,

Breathing out feeling muscles relaxing.

Breathing in that sense of fullness,

Breathing out that unnecessary tension in the body and mind.


As you put this bite-size one-minute mindfulness into practice amidst your busy life, try starting to decrease (yes decrease) the time. From one minute to 30 seconds, to 15 seconds, all the way down to a single breath. What you will find is within a single breath, and a whole lot of intention, you can bring yourself back to your center anytime, anywhere.