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Today, let's reflect on our path of enlightenment and find fulfillment in how far we've come.

6 thoughts on “Day 30 – GRATEFUL”

  1. The way of breathing from the first day is simply amazing. I practice it several times a day since then. All on automode. The day after tomorrow I will atone for something I have done in the past that I feel really bad for. I am a little afraid and am really looking forward to it. I know that there are moments in which I lied to someone. Honestly nothing came to my mind when the challenge was about this subject. Not even now. When something will come to my mind I will execute the task. My heart screams “Do it!” my brain is to path the way.

    I will share everything I learned by deeply listening to the people and making everything in this world as good as I can. Every single second is an opportunity to grow.

    I really enjoyed this journey. Now, in retrospective I realize just how much it has given me. Just one hour before I thought about leaving it for good. Not starting another course. Now I see that another course is just the right choice. I am strongly looking forward to all the new lessons. It is a habit that gives me a lot.

    Thank you for everything!

  2. I learned that I need to take time each day to set an intention for myself. It took me over 30 days to complete this challenge but I kept on going. It will take me some time to process everything and I will probably revisit some of the sessions in order to continue working on myself.

  3. There’s been a lot that has happened over the course of these last 30 days, in all honesty I’ll probably need a bit more time to process it.

    But from my initial reflections I have the following:

    -The importance of intention. I mean I know this place/space is called intention inspired but its so key to be mindful and present and really consciously aware of what your intention is. There were some great tactics scattered through the course to help get me back on track.
    -Really being authentic to who I am – whether thats my words, actions, deeds, even my thoughts. But its really important that I stay true to being me, I feel a disconnect when I don’t
    -Seemingly insignificant things (like having a tidy desk/room) really can make a huge difference. You wouldn’t think that organzing your clutter would help clear your mind… but it does. And it’s something I need to get better at
    -There is such power in making peace with things – whether thats taking responsibility for ones actions and appologizing, or being vulnerable enough to show up, or even taking the time to consider another point of view

    For me the enlightenment series has sort of boiled down to really making a point to be aware of where I’m at, connected to who I am, and try to make sure I am consistently operating from that space. Whether that’s speaking my truth in ways I haven’t ever done before, or really taking the time to make peace/find some way to identify with those I had previously considered different/hadn’t understood, or making ammends.

    It’s been an amazing series, so thank you Sonja for bringing it to us.
    And it’s given me some incredible insights and tools.

    I am grateful to have had the opportunity to have been a part of it all <3

    • Thanks so much for sharing your experience. I feel much the same way. This has been a fantastic way to direct myself toward things I want to incorporate into my life. I am grateful for the Intention Inspired team and their dedication to creating these 30-day challenges. Thank you.

      • I’m glad my words could help! And congrats on finishing this particular journey Phoenix! <3 Completely and totally agree about everything intention inspired, I'm grateful for the whole team on pretty much a daily basis.

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