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CERTAINTY 💯 Open to More Wealth and Prosperity


Today, let's embody absolute certainty in our financial endeavors so that we can open ourselves up to more wealth creation and prosperity.


Today's inspiration draws on the transformative power of certainty and trust as a catalyst for financial abundance. When we clear the fog of doubt and uncertainty, our financial goals stand before us in crystalline clarity, waiting to manifest.

Golden Nuggets:

  • 🎯 Clearly articulate Your financial aspirations.
  • 🙏 Anchor yourself in unwavering faith.
  • 💪 Cultivate tenacity to amplify your ability to manifest.
  • 👁 Be the sentinel of your thoughts.

Your faith can move mountains, and your doubt can create them.

— someone who sounds a lot like Jesus Christ in Mark 9:23

In a seminal paper published in the Skeptical Inquirer, James Alcock, a professor of psychology at York University, shares how our brains are essentially ‘Belief Engines', incessantly creating patterns of belief based on survival, rather than truth. Alcock shares, “Our brain and nervous systems constitute a belief-generating machine, a system that evolved to assure not truth, logic, and reason, but survival.

The belief engine runs on patterns. Once it recognizes a pattern—whether it's a face in the clouds or the potential for success—it clings to that belief. This is because our minds prioritize consistency and shy away from contradictory information, a cognitive bias known as ‘Confirmation Bias'.

Alcock's work suggests that the power of belief is not a magical power, but rather a product of our brain's survival-driven functioning. This study has profound implications for how we understand our capacity to form beliefs and demonstrates the scientific foundation for the “mind over matter” concept. It implies that if we can guide our ‘belief engine' in a particular direction, we can create more powerful beliefs.

Today, let's harness this knowledge to fuel our intention. Understanding that our brain naturally seeks out patterns and clings to belief, we can leverage this to our advantage. Simply observe patterns that align with your desires and let your brain do the rest.


In today’s meditation, we'll explore the concept of faith and practice cultivating certainty though our state of being, our thoughts, our beliefs, and our actions.

Let’s find a comfortable position, whether that's sitting upright or lying down. Taking a moment to arrive here, present in our body.

Start by taking three deep breaths, inhaling faith, and exhaling any doubts or fears.

Breathing in, feeling yourself here, in this moment.

Breathing out, remembering you are safe and supported.

As you breathe in, think “I AM.”

As you breathe out, think “certain.”

Now, allow your breath to return to its natural rhythm, using its constant flow as an anchor to the present moment. Feel the sensations of each breath as it enters and leaves your body. With every breath, notice the sense of certainty that comes from this simple, natural process.

As you breathe in, think “I AM” As you breathe out, think “certain.” As you breathe in, “I AM.” As you breathe out, “certain.” Let this mantra infuse your mind and body with a sense of faith and confidence.

As thoughts or feelings arise, simply acknowledge them, not push them away, not hold on to them. Allow them to pass by like clouds in the sky, returning attention to the breath and the mantra: “I AM. Certain.”

As you cultivate this sense of certainty within, consider what it is you truly desire. Hold that intention in your mind and feel the reality of it with every fiber of your being. It's not about wanting or wishing. It's about knowing with absolute certainty that it's already yours.

Let's sit with this feeling for a few moments, anchoring ourselves in faith and certainty.

Now, gently bring your attention back to your breath, back to the present moment. Sit with the stillness for a bit longer, then slowly open your eyes, carrying this newfound sense of certainty into your day.

Remember, you are capable, you are deserving, and you are certain.

Breathe that in, and radiate it out.


I AM. Certain.

In a world that's only constant is constant change, being human is inherently filled with uncertainties and doubts. The mantra “I AM. Certain.” is an anchor of confidence and self-assurance. “I AM” serves as a proclamation of existence and self-identity, reminding us that we have a purpose and a presence in the grand tapestry of life. “Certain.” bolsters this by emphasizing conviction in our choices, clarity in our path, and confidence in our abilities. This mantra is not just a statement but a commitment to self—a commitment to remain grounded in who you are and what you believe, even when external circumstances try to sway you.


As you navigate the ups and downs today may bring, use this mantra “I AM. Certain.” as your touchstone. Whenever you feel uneasy or doubt starts to creep in, silently or audibly affirm these powerful words. Let them remind you of your essence, solidify your convictions, and fortify your actions. Carry this mantra with you throughout the day to align with your deepest intentions.


Money Meditation

Take a deep breath in through your nose, filling your lungs and expanding your belly. Hold for a brief moment. And exhale through your mouth, releasing any tension you might be carrying. Let's do this two more times.

Now, as you continue to breathe naturally, let's bring our focus to our bodies. Start scanning your body from your toes up to the crown of your head. As you focus on each area, allow it to relax, releasing any tension.

In your mind's eye, visualize the words, ‘I AM. Certain.‘ Allow these words to float in your mental space, glowing with a warm, golden light.

Imagine a wellspring deep within you, overflowing with golden coins. Each coin is inscribed with the words, ‘I AM. Certain.‘ Visualize these coins filling your entire being, spilling over into the world around you, enriching everything and everyone it touches.

Now, silently repeat to yourself: ‘I am absolutely certain about my path to financial abundance. I trust in the journey.

Imagine the golden light of financial abundance and certainty expanding outwards from you. See it touching your loved ones, your community, and extending even further, empowering everyone in its path to also find their own financial abundance

Feel a sense of gratitude filling your heart for this present moment, for all the abundance that is already on its way to you, and for the certainty that guides your actions.

Take a deep breath in, capturing this feeling of certainty and abundance. As you exhale, set this as your new default energy state.

Slowly start to become aware of your surroundings, the space you are in, the sounds around you. When you feel ready, gently open your eyes

Carry this feeling of certainty and financial abundance with you throughout your day. Until next time, take care.

Rich Reflection
  • What does financial certainty mean to you?
  • Identify an area where doubt is holding you back financially.
  • Describe a specific step you will take today to replace doubt with certainty.

Prosperity Pivot

Identify one limiting belief you hold about money. This could be something like “Money is hard to come by” or “I'm not deserving of financial abundance.” Take this limiting belief and turn it on its head. Reframe it into an empowering affirmation that you can hold close to your heart. For instance, if your limiting belief is “Money is hard to come by,” your reframe could be “Money flows effortlessly into my life.”

The act of reframing is not just wordplay; it's a transformative exercise that shifts your internal narrative. As you pivot, you set a new course that directs you toward limitless prosperity.

By being conscious of our inner dialogue, we actively choose to pivot away from scarcity and toward abundance.

Money Manifestation
  1. Identify: Clearly articulate what financial milestone you aim to reach.
  2. Visualize: Close your eyes, and vividly imagine achieving this milestone.
  3. Affirm: Speak your goal into existence.

Action: Practice this manifestation technique each morning and evening.

Grateful Investment

Add a note of gratitude alongside a dollar bill in your ‘Grateful Investment Jar‘.

Abundance Affirmation

I am absolutely certain about my path to financial abundance.

I trust in the journey.


Congratulations! You've journeyed another step on your pathway to financial certainty. Continue to reflect, meditate, and act with focused intention.

Financial abundance is not a destination but a path. A path that requires us to be certain, steadfast, and faith-driven. Walk this path with an unyielding belief in yourself and your capabilities.


Thank you for exploring your financial wounds with us today towards more self-understanding, growth, and confidence. May your endeavors be steeped in unwavering certainty, propelling you into realms of unfathomable prosperity.

Thank you for being an integral part of our Intention Inspired community. Your presence and active engagement inspire us to constantly evolve and offer you the tools to lead a fulfilling life of purpose.

Let's use this post to ignite conversations, share experiences, and inspire one another to prosper in every realm. Share your thoughts in the comments!

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