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  1. START 🏁 Welcome to 30 Days of Money
  2. Awaken Your Money-Making Life Force

    COMMUNITY CALL REPLAY 💫 Align With Your Deepest Money Intentions
  3. EXPLORE 💖 Illumine the Heartbeat of Your Financial Desires
  4. UNIQUE 🌟 Leverage Your Individual Blueprint for Fulfilling Income
  5. PURPOSE 👁 Uncover Your True Calling and Wealth Will Follow
  6. VISION 🔮 Set Goals That Forge the Path to Wealth
  7. FEELINGS 🤑 Embody the Emotions Tied to Financial Well-Being
  8. ACTIONS ⚡️ Balance Efforts Toward Manifesting Wealth
  9. PROSPERITY 🌳 Nurture a Financial Forest from a Seed of Splendor
  10. KNOWLEDGE 📖 Overcome Money Stress with Financial Literacy
  11. The Practical 'HOW' of Financial Freedom
    COMMUNITY CALL REPLAY 💸 5 Phases of Financial Liberation
  12. PLAN 🪷 Craft Your Path to Financial Freedom
  13. UNBURDEN 💳 The Liberating Path to a Debt-Free Life
  14. SAVE 🐷 Unlock Financial Freedom With the Most Recommended Money Habit
  15. STEADFAST 🐢 No-Nonsense Guide to Successful Investing
  16. PATIENCE ⏳ Create Exponential Wealth With Compound Interest
  17. SYNTHESIZE ⚗️ Convert Knowledge into a Roadmap to Financial Freedom
  18. TRANQUILITY ✌️ Cultivate Prosperous Peace Amidst Financial Chaos
  19. REWIRE 🧠 Replace a Scarcity Mindset with Financial Abundance
  20. Cultivate an Abundance Mindset
    TRANSCEND 🪷 Transcend Financial Fears with Loving Awareness
  21. FAITH 📿 Dissolve the Fears That Limit Wealth
  22. CERTAINTY 💯 Open to More Wealth and Prosperity
  23. FLOW 💧 Unblock the Money Stream to Let Prosperity Pour In
  24. CONSCIOUSNESS 💡 Create External Wealth Through Internal States of Being
  25. INTEGRITY 💎 Aligning Money with Personal Values
  26. VALORIZE 💝 Turn Hobbies into Profitable Revenue Streams
  27. Wealth Beyond Money
    SYNERGY 🤝 Build Collective Wealth with Community Support
  28. SUFFICIENCY 🐂 Unshackling the Iron Ring of Money
  29. GENEROSITY 👐 Unlock the Flow of Abundance Through Giving
  30. KARMA 🔄 Harness the Law of Cause and Effect for Wealth
  31. BEING 🙌 Align With a Wealthy State of Being, Now
  32. REFLECTION 🌄 Harvest the Riches of Your Financial Journey
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FEELINGS 🤑 Embody the Emotions Tied to Financial Well-Being

money intention

Today, let's align our thoughts and feelings with our financial goals so that we can truly understand the “why” behind our monetary aspirations.

money inspiration

Our emotions aren't just reactions; they're catalysts! By deeply feeling our emotions, we amplify the strength of our intentions, making them a more potent force in creating the masterpiece of our lives. So let's explore this practice to fuel our wealthy intentions and amplify the energy toward financial freedom and inner peace.

Today's Golden Nuggets:

  • 🌱 Identify the emotions tied to your financial dreams.
  • 🌟 Imagine your specific financial dream in sensory detail.
  • 🚀 Use a powerful mantra to solidify your emotional alignment.


“Your emotions are the slaves to your thoughts, and you are the slave to your emotions.”

Elizabeth Gilbert
While she considered becoming a professional musician, Elizabeth is best known for her memoir “Eat, Pray, Love“.

prosperity physics


In a study by Harvard Business School, it was shown that aligning one’s values and emotions with their financial goals significantly increases the chances of achieving them.

Actionable Takeaway: Identify the emotions that best serve your financial goals and take a moment each day to feel them deeply.

moola mantra


“Feel to Fuel”

Emotions serve as both a compass and a catalyst. When we “feel to fuel,” we gain the self-awareness that naturally inspires aligned action towards materializing our financial dreams.

money meditation


In today's meditation, let's dive deep into aligning our emotions with our financial intentions, fully allowing these potent feelings to fuel our dreams.

Begin by finding a comfortable and quiet space where you won’t be disturbed. You may sit down or lie on your back, whatever feels right for you. Allow your eyes to close gently.

Take a deep inhale through your nose, filling your lungs completely. Hold it for a moment and then exhale through your mouth, releasing all the air. Repeat this breathing pattern a few more times.

As you breathe, become aware of any tension in your body. With each exhale, imagine that tension melting away, leaving behind a calm, receptive state of being.

Now, turn your attention inward. Imagine the core of your being as a glowing sphere of light. Feel this light pulsate with every breath you take.

Call to mind your financial dreams, whatever they may be—buying a home, starting a business, achieving debt freedom, or something entirely unique to you. Visualize this dream as a vivid, sensory-rich scenario. What can you see? What can you hear? Is there a particular scent or taste? Involve as many senses as you can.

Now, imagine this dream scenario transforming into energy. This energy has a color—notice what it is. Allow this colored energy to blend with the glowing sphere of light at your core.

Here is the most important part. Inject emotion into this energy. If your financial dream is tied to a feeling of security, let that feeling envelop you. If it’s freedom, let that feeling soar within you. Allow yourself to feel these emotions as deeply as possible.

As this emotional energy mingles with your core light, repeat the following words: “This or something even better.” Feel this mantra resonate within every cell of your being.

Hold this emotionally-charged energy in your heart space and say, “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” Know that you are taking a significant step in manifesting your financial dreams.

Take a few more deep breaths, anchoring this emotional alignment deep within you.

When you are ready, slowly open your eyes and come back to the present moment, carrying this powerful alignment with you throughout your day.

Your emotions are now aligned with your financial dreams, empowering you to take the next steps on your journey with renewed vigor and intention.

rich reflection

  • What emotions do you identify with your financial dreams?
  • How does it feel to align these emotions with your financial goals?
  • How can you practice this emotional alignment daily?

prosperity pivot


Negative emotions are often associated with money. It’s crucial to observe these patterns. If you find yourself in a state of future financial worry, try pivoting towards present positive emotions. This will begin to dismantle these negative patterns and behaviors and replace your state of being (thinking, feeling, acting, becoming) with more wealth, prosperity, and abundance. This shift takes awareness, honesty, self-compassion, patience, and courage.

money manifestation

  1. Close your eyes and take three deep breaths.
  2. Visualize money coming towards you in waves, as you feel the emotions that arise.
  3. Repeat “This, or something even better.

Repeat this practice daily, particularly before making any financial decisions.

grateful investment


Take a moment to feel grateful for the abundance that's already in your life.

As you add a personal note or sum of money to your “Grateful Investment Jar“, take note of feelings that arise.

abundance affirmation


“I am emotionally aligned with my financial dreams.
Every step I take is guided by this powerful alignment.”

intention card


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Kudos on completing today's emotionally charged session on financial well-being! You’ve empowered your financial intentions with the fuel of potent emotions.

Come back tomorrow as we continue laying the foundations for our abundantly wealthy dream life!



What did you discover about yourself during today's session?

We'd love to hear your two cents in the comments!

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