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30 Days of Money

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  1. START 🏁 Welcome to 30 Days of Money
  2. Awaken Your Money-Making Life Force

    COMMUNITY CALL REPLAY 💫 Align With Your Deepest Money Intentions
  3. EXPLORE 💖 Illumine the Heartbeat of Your Financial Desires
  4. UNIQUE 🌟 Leverage Your Individual Blueprint for Fulfilling Income
  5. PURPOSE 👁 Uncover Your True Calling and Wealth Will Follow
  6. VISION 🔮 Set Goals That Forge the Path to Wealth
  7. FEELINGS 🤑 Embody the Emotions Tied to Financial Well-Being
  8. ACTIONS ⚡️ Balance Efforts Toward Manifesting Wealth
  9. PROSPERITY 🌳 Nurture a Financial Forest from a Seed of Splendor
  10. KNOWLEDGE 📖 Overcome Money Stress with Financial Literacy
  11. The Practical 'HOW' of Financial Freedom
    COMMUNITY CALL REPLAY 💸 5 Phases of Financial Liberation
  12. PLAN 🪷 Craft Your Path to Financial Freedom
  13. UNBURDEN 💳 The Liberating Path to a Debt-Free Life
  14. SAVE 🐷 Unlock Financial Freedom With the Most Recommended Money Habit
  15. STEADFAST 🐢 No-Nonsense Guide to Successful Investing
  16. PATIENCE ⏳ Create Exponential Wealth With Compound Interest
  17. SYNTHESIZE ⚗️ Convert Knowledge into a Roadmap to Financial Freedom
  18. TRANQUILITY ✌️ Cultivate Prosperous Peace Amidst Financial Chaos
  19. REWIRE 🧠 Replace a Scarcity Mindset with Financial Abundance
  20. Cultivate an Abundance Mindset
    TRANSCEND 🪷 Transcend Financial Fears with Loving Awareness
  21. FAITH 📿 Dissolve the Fears That Limit Wealth
  22. CERTAINTY 💯 Open to More Wealth and Prosperity
  23. FLOW 💧 Unblock the Money Stream to Let Prosperity Pour In
  24. CONSCIOUSNESS 💡 Create External Wealth Through Internal States of Being
  25. INTEGRITY 💎 Aligning Money with Personal Values
  26. VALORIZE 💝 Turn Hobbies into Profitable Revenue Streams
  27. Wealth Beyond Money
    SYNERGY 🤝 Build Collective Wealth with Community Support
  28. SUFFICIENCY 🐂 Unshackling the Iron Ring of Money
  29. GENEROSITY 👐 Unlock the Flow of Abundance Through Giving
  30. KARMA 🔄 Harness the Law of Cause and Effect for Wealth
  31. BEING 🙌 Align With a Wealthy State of Being, Now
  32. REFLECTION 🌄 Harvest the Riches of Your Financial Journey
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SYNTHESIZE ⚗️ Convert Knowledge into a Roadmap to Financial Freedom

Intention Icon

Today, let's bring our financial wisdom into focus, merging it into a holistic plan so that we can step into a future of financial liberation and empowerment.

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Money can be a source of stress or a vehicle for freedom—all depending on our personal relationship with it. As we continue to take extreme ownership of our current money situation, we're creating opportunities to implement the financial wisdom we've been exploring. From the practical, time-tested strategies of money management to. Why?

Ready to turn your intentions into a financial reality with a written plan that reflects your dreams and values? Let's explore!

Today's Golden Nuggets:

  • 👁️ Clearly define where you are and where you want to go.
  • 📜 Create a written plan for your money.
  • 🔮 Commit to a long-term plan.

Wealthy Wisdom Icon

Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.

– Abraham Lincoln

Prosperity Physics Icon

Research in behavioral economics suggests that people who have a clear roadmap for their finances are more likely to achieve their financial goals. A study by Dominican University demonstrated that people who wrote down their goals, developed action commitments, and had weekly accountability were 33% more successful in achieving their goals than those who did not write them down.

This study illuminates the transformative power of putting pen to paper, of crystallizing your financial situation and long-term ambitions into written words. It shifts the nebulous realm of ‘someday' into the tangible reality of ‘here and now.'

Moola Mantra Icon

Plan, Act, Thrive.

Planning gives us a roadmap, acting puts us in motion, and thriving is the culmination of these conscious efforts. Utter, ‘plan, act, thrive’ to serve as a powerful reminder that clarity in planning and consistency in action can lead you to flourishing in your financial goals.

Money Meditation Icon

In today's meditation, we will explore the terrain of our current financial situation and envision our ideal financial future so that can clarify the path forward.

Take a deep breath in, and as you exhale, let go of any tension in your body.

Let's arrive in this moment, grounding ourselves in the here and now.

As you breathe in and out, bring your awareness to your current financial situation. Without judgment, let yourself feel whatever comes up. Take another deep breath and as you exhale, release any tension around these thoughts.

Now, I invite you to visualize your financial future. See yourself debt-free, your savings growing, investments maturing. Feel the freedom and security that come with financial stability. Notice the details, the feelings, the setting. What are you doing? Who are you with? How does it feel?

Hold this vision with kindness. Thank your future self for taking the steps to make this vision a reality. Know that you are planting the seed for this future to manifest through your intentions and actions.

Take another deep breath, savoring this vision, engraining it in your mind and heart.

As you exhale, slowly start to bring your awareness back to the present moment, back to your body, back to your breath.

Rich Reflection Icon

Let's bring clarity and intention into our financial journey by refining our SMART money goal followed by immediate action steps.

Money Goal:

  1. S (Specific): I want to achieve ___________________________ in my financial life.
  2. M (Measurable): I will know I've achieved this when ___________________________.
  3. A (Achievable): The actions I'll need to achieve this are ___________________________.
  4. R (Relevant): This goal is important to me because ___________________________.
  5. T (Time-Bound): I will achieve this goal by the date of ___________________________.

Next Best Steps:

  1. The first action I will take towards achieving this goal is ___________________________.
  2. I will complete this first action by the date of ___________________________.
  3. To keep myself accountable, I will ___________________________.

Prosperity Pivot Icon

Let's dig deeper into the subconscious patterns that might still be lurking, hindering the free flow of wealth and prosperity into your life.

Limiting Belief:

Reflect on a limiting belief that you may have written down or thought of while doing your rich reflections. It might be something like, “I'm not good with money,” or “I'll never achieve financial freedom.

Objective Observation:

Look at this belief objectively, as if you were a compassionate friend or advisor. Is this belief actually true? How has this belief shaped your actions or inactions?

Emotional Terrain:

Recognize the emotional landscape this belief has created. Is it one of victimhood, of being stuck, of fear? Understanding your emotional terrain helps you know where you are and where you need to pivot.

Transcending the Shadow:

To move beyond this limiting state, infuse your awareness with honesty, patience, self-compassion, and courage. Acknowledge the belief, thank it for whatever protective role it might have played, and then let it go.


Replace your limiting belief with a liberating truth that aligns with your SMART goal and today's intention. For example, if your limiting belief was, “I'm not good with money,” your liberating truth could be, “I am becoming financially savvy and free.

Repeat this liberating truth to yourself whenever the old limiting belief tries to creep back in.

This practice is your pivot, your moment of turning away from limitation and towards the unlimited potential that is your birthright.

Money Manifestation Icon

Let's transform your daily tasks into a sacred, yet simple ritual that magnetizes your life towards financial abundance. The beauty of this ritual lies in its simplicity, making it easy for you to integrate into your everyday life, thus ensuring consistent progress towards your money goals.

Step 1: 💨 Take a Deep Breath

Wherever you are, pause and take a deep breath. Feel yourself grounded in the present moment.

Step 2: 💖 Touch Your Heart

Place your hand over your heart to connect with your inner wisdom and intentions.

Step 3: 📣 Speak Your SMART Goal

Quietly or out loud, state your SMART goal for your money that you identified in your RICH REFLECTION. Feel every word as you say it.

Step 4: 👁️ Visualize Your Daily Actions

Take 30 seconds to visualize yourself completing the daily actions you've planned. Feel the joy and satisfaction these actions bring you.

Step 5: ✊ Make a Fist

Ball your hand into a fist as a physical act of commitment, and say, “I commit to these actions today, and I'm open to all forms of abundance.”

Step 6: 🤗 Release and Smile

Open your hand, releasing it outwards as if sending your intentions into the universe. Allow yourself a small smile as a sign of gratitude and assurance.


This ritual serves as a potent daily touchstone, anchoring you in your financial intentions. The few minutes you spend in this ritual set the energetic tone for your actions and decisions throughout the day. Perform this ritual now and make it a part of your daily life, aligned with the focus of today's session.

Grateful Investment Icon

Let us seal our money manifestation ritual with an investment of gratitude.

Jot down one financial or abundance-related thing you are deeply grateful for today. It can be as small as finding a coin on the street or as big as receiving an unexpected bonus.

Place your hand over the jar, take a deep breath, and say, “I acknowledge and celebrate the abundance already in my life, making way for more.

Abundance Affirmation Icon

I am ever-growing in my understanding of wealth. I am committed to financial freedom, transforming my relationship with money into one of empowerment and liberation. Each day, I take concrete steps to fulfill my financial goals. My actions are guided by a plan that is aligned with my purpose and ambition. I am committed to long-term success, and every dollar I spend or save is a reflection of my autonomy and intentionality.

Kudos Icon

Congrats on culminating a week of financial wisdom and empowerment! You're ready to walk a new financial path.

See you tomorrow as we continue our wealthy soul-expanding insights.

Community Conversation Icon

What is one action step you've committed to in your written money plan, and how will this bring you closer to your financial goals?

We'd love to hear your two cents in the comments!

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