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step into the fire of self discovery

Step into the fire of self discovery.
This fire will not burn you.
It will only burn what you are not.

– Mooji

Together, let's step into the fire of self-discovery.

In today's session, we will explore the format of our journey, and the “tools” we will be using in order to create the outer and inner space that is conducive to our self-awareness.

Our first tool is Intention.

An Intention is a powerful guiding statement about the state of being you prefer to be in.

It is very helpful to pause upon waking and set an intention for the day ahead. These intentions keep us focused and observant of how we choose to navigate our reality.  They can open areas that we may like to dive into more deeply. These intentions help us determine what works for us with compassion and leave us feeling fulfilled.

Some examples of intentions of self-discovery are:

  • I intend to observe myself without judgment.
  • I intend to freely forgive myself and others.
  • I intend to be fully present each moment.

The “I intend” is implied.  An intention can also look like this:

  • I will take nothing personally.
  • I allow others to be heard.
  • I find the beauty in all things.

Beautiful, now let's explore our next too: the “sacred pause”.


Why pause?

When embarking on a journey of self-discovery or creating a work of art, it is important to quiet the “thinking/analyzing/conditioned” mind.  We do that with The Pause. The Pause can be a formal meditation if you prefer or just several intentional breaths or anywhere in between.  We will approach The Pause with our understanding of what resonates with our state of being.

The importance of The Pause is multilayered.

It allows a break from the constant noise of our “thinking mind”.  We become conscious of any beliefs we may have about following the “meditation rules”.   There really are no “rules”.  There is only the intention of quieting the mind and entering the flow. In this break, you have a moment to stop the momentum of conditioned behavior, anxiety, and overwhelm.  The Pause also allows us to create or remember our intention (what do we want our state of being to be?).


In each BEAUTY segment, we will be asked to find the beauty in ourselves and the world around us.

Eventually, with practice, finding beauty will be commonplace in our reality. Finding the beauty is a stepping stone to loving who we are and expanding our ability to love others and our world.

😍 Let's practice!

From where you are sitting become aware of three things that call to you.

Find the beauty in each item … use all of your senses.


The journal segments throughout this journey are about documenting our observations as they are identified.

We will unearth the truth of our conditioning through a series of questions that we will provide the endings to.  Observing the truth of our conditioning without judgment will answer many questions about our patterns and behaviors.  With this understanding, we can own our journey and release what does not serve us.

As we move through the segments of this journey it will expand your process greatly if you can complete the reflection section of the segment directly after the journal section.  This allows you to remain in connection with that subconscious information while you are in a receptive state.


But first!

As with any masterpiece, we need tools for self-discovery.

As a gift to yourself and your journey prepare yourself with these three things:

  1. A time and sanctuary spot where you can hear your own thoughts and be free from distraction for several minutes at a time.
  2. A writing journal.
  3. One or more writing utensils.

These REFLECTION sections are very important to get the most out of this journey.

It may take several rounds of finishing questions before we are able to bypass our need to “answer correctly” or write the first thought that comes to mind without analyzing or judgment.  There is no correct ending.  There is only deeper and deeper self-discovery.

After each section, we will reflect on what came to light with our experiments and creations.  In the reflection is where we will really begin to discover who we are.


I find that what I am learning sinks in more if I can create while I contemplate.

For me, my creativity journal is that creative component. There will be prompts in each segment for a creative experience.  If this resonates with you, include your creative journal in your tools.


Finally, let's summarize this session with a couple of short, memorable affirmations:

I am deserving of my own attention.

I commit to a daily self-discovery practice.


How about you?

Besides writing is there any other activity that quiets your mind and puts you in flow?

Feel free to come back and share with us the Activity Feed.

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