😄 JOY - creating from the soul with surrender, curiosity, and love

😄 JOY – creating from the soul with surrender, curiosity, and love


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😄 JOY - creating from the soul with surrender, curiosity, and love

Today, let's joyfully create with surrender, curiosity, and love.

The most important part of this Autumn Creative Journey is to CREATE.

Create with abandon.  Create with Curiosity.  Create to Heal.  Create with Love … but by all means, CREATE.

Today, we aren't going to broaden our view of creativity out to all things created.  Today we are going to bring it home and CREATE!


Autumn is a very creative season.

Up to this point, our focus has been on the power of creativity in all experiences.

Creativity-Expanded Version … as in, We Are Creating our Reality.  A Study of Creative Self Awareness.

The rest of our journey will be Creating … the making of … using our imagination, getting curious, being courageous, and creating from our Soul with Compassion.

What will you create today?


Prime the heart, body, mind and soul with creative intent by repeating the following affirmation out loud:

“Creating clears my mind and heals my heart.

I Create to Feed My Soul.

I Create to Heal.

I Create to Understand.”


In your creative journal,

  1. Begin with a circle.
  2. Inside the circle make a square.
  3. Inside the square draw a heart.
  4. Inside the heart make a triangle.
  5. Around the circle write about what you love and how love feels.
  6. Now give it all waves of energy.

creating with joy

“As I focus on the things that bring me joy,

I feel grateful for ___________________ “



By now (hopefully) you realize that creativity has more to do with healing and self-expression than artistic ability.

Creating with intention allows us to release what does not serve us, heal our emotional pain and raise our consciousness. That is an ability available to ALL.  (I think this bears repeating so I am leaving it here today.)

What is one thing you are excited to create today?

Please share your observations and creative musings in the comments below or the Art Room Activity Feed.


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