LIVE CALL: Launch of Intention Inspired’s New Community Platform!

Intention Inspired has evolved (in a big way!)

Join the founders and hosts during this live call so we can walk you through this exciting new platform and how to make the most out of your Intention Inspired membership.

👁 Watch the replay 👇

This new community-focused platform was created so we have a safe place to come together and inspire each other by sharing our own unique journey of self-discovery.

In this inner sanctuary, we hold space for each other as we deepen self-knowledge and root for each other along the way.

The hope is that every single day you will tune in and spend some time working with, on, and in your beautiful self knowing you have a safe space to share what you’re working on, what’s going well, what are you struggling with, what’s been inspirational and encouraging for you, and beyond.

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