I AM MAGICAL ~ transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary

MAGICAL ~ transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary

Day 25 of 30 Days of Adventure

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Today, let's make magic by moving beyond the norms, rules, and expectations.

Today's session was inspired by Christina Tosi.



Magic, real magic, is not an illusion.

Real magic is the feeling when life transforms from the ordinary into the extraordinary. It's the spark of a moment. It's the feeling of believing, of belonging, of getting, of being gotten. It is the crack that opens up our hearts and reminds us to let light in.

Herein lies the adventure of all adventures …


Magic redefines what's possible.

Magic is made by mixing up a new creation rooted in something known, safe, and loved while reaching far beyond what was believed to be accessible, approachable, or doable.

Magic seemingly appears out of nowhere.

Yet most often, working behind scenes of spontaneously felt magic are layers of creative acts. Like the years of training that allows a martial artist to redirect energy into explosive power in a split second.


Or the layers of thoughtful nuanced details from artists like Rassouli that evokes an emotional experience from the viewer.


Or the way a friend can listen without judgment, see us through our limiting stories, and offer perspectives that liberate us from a mental prison.


Or, most especially, the way Christina's ice cream conjures nostalgic childhood memories by using cereal-infused milk to spin her ice cream.


And of course, the way a theatrical magician creates layers of illusion to make the impossible seem possible.

Within all these acts of magic, is the same principle of merging with what is and courageously adding our own unique expressions to the mix.


Creating real magic start with the decision to act, differently.

To create magic moments, rules need to be broken. Expectations need to be defied. Conventional norms need to be tossed out the window. Birthday cake needs to be eaten any ol' day of the year.

Every moment holds within it, the potential to create real magic.

All we have to do is reach out and try something new. The rules want to be broken and redefined by magical moments of curiosity and playful exploration.

Magic is made when we give abundantly, receive gratefully, and leave each place better than we found it. Magic is the very thing that connects us to this world, to one another, to our entire existence.

How will you create more magic on your adventure of today?


I AM MAGICAL affirmation

I am making magic with joyful exploration.
I am expanding beyond expectations.
I am curious, playful, and courageous.
I am reaching far beyond limiting beliefs.
I am redefining what's possible.
I am a magical being.


Over to you!

What is something you routinely or ordinarily do that can be more magical by doing it a little differently?

We'd love to hear how you're conjuring magic in community comments!

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