Making Progress with Meaningful Work

Ebin and I create the first mockups of our Intention Inspired ‘kits'. One more step along the neverending journey of planting soulful seeds towards radical changes.

Your turn, make one step towards meaningful work:

You know that one side hustle or passion project you’ve been wanting to explore but haven’t had the chance to pursue? Take a moment to work backward from your ideal end goal to break it down into manageable, bite-size steps. This allows us to focus on one simple task at a time. Don’t worry about what needs to happen first, just start with one simple step you can move forward on right away. This might be as simple as going online to do some research or asking a friend for advice. Then this will frame up your next best step.

Why it matters

The things we’d like to achieve or learn often get delayed because tackling them as a whole seems too daunting. When you break goals down and begin by taking just one small step, you feel more positive and confident about perhaps trying another small step. That can encourage you to keep going.

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