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Meditation: Clearing Stored Emotions that Hold Us Back

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Did you know that our bodies store memories and trauma that can create limitations and obstacles in life?

As we learned in the first meditation video, our physical bodies house the energy body, made up of channels and portals.

This energy system within us works closely with our emotions as we feel them, recognize them, label them, and process them.

Think of emotions as ocean waves of energy that pass through us.

Feeling an emotion is allowing this energy to circulate through our system. Once it has circulated through us, the emotion can pass and fade away, just as rough, stormy seas flow along and eventually fade.

When we experience something really traumatic, that emotion tends to get stuck in our system because we hold onto the memory energetically.

If we struggle to accept the emotion, we prevent it from passing through us and we create a blockage in our energy body.

Sometimes we re-live those traumatic memories in our heads, re-activating the emotion in our energy body, because we believe that's the only way to learn from our past.

But it's time to be free of that old limiting belief.

Keeping old emotions stuck and stored in our energy bodies often limits us from being our whole selves in the present moment: it creates obstacles.

A really good example of this is when something in your past made you feel small or weak, and you let that stored emotion hold you back from being brave now.

Through some powerful energy work using the imagination and the breath, we can clear out those old stuck emotions that prevent us from being brave TODAY.

In the guided meditation video above, I'll show you how to breathe and clear out those old emotional obstacles within you so you can activate your power in the present moment.

I just want to remind you of how powerful you truly are.

Sending light!

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