I am Committed Meditation

The trick to staying committed to something is being fully in alignment with it. If we aren't 100% committed, then eventually our efforts will drop off. So how do we completely align with our commitments?  I'll show you how in this meditation video.


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It's important to recognize that we all have many parts of ourselves with different motives and desires. In order to fully commit to something, we need all of these parts to agree on the given goal.

I'm sure we've all experienced a clash between what our head wants and what our heart wants (1). It's a real challenge to resolve! This inner conflict can totally sabotage our commitments because we get confused and end up losing motivation.

The mind usually speaks from a place of logical rationality and pragmatism:  is it practical?  The heart, however, usually speaks from a place of passion and faith:  does it feel right? You can see how these two perspectives could easily clash.

When we want to boost our level of commitment, we need both the mind and heart to agree: it's practical AND it feels right.

Then when these two powerful forces have aligned, we use the energy of the throat (the voice) to speak our truth to ourselves and to the world. This is where commitment becomes solid rock: when we speak it out loud with total conviction.

Once you've spoken your commitment out loud to the world, you'll be held more accountable for it; it becomes your reality.

In this meditation video, I'll have you listen to the guidance of your heart and then the guidance of your mind. You may not even be aware of any dissonance there until you tune in carefully. It's important to bring any inner conflict into the light so that we can resolve it.

Many times, it's just fear in the mind that clashes with the wild faith of the heart. This is a totally normal part of the process (2). We will breathe through any fear that pops up so that the mind can align more fully with the passion of the heart.

We will work to align and harmonize these two parts of you until there is a common thread of committed clarity between the heart and mind. From there, the throat will feel open enough to clearly the speak the truth of your commitment.

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