I am Inspired Meditation

Did you know that inspiration is another word for taking a breath in?  That means that with every inhalation, we can bring more inspired energy into our bodies. In this guided meditation video, I'll show you how to take nice, deep inhalations that will help to wake you up, light you up, and inspire you.


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The ancient yogis say that inhalation brings prana or life force energy into our bodies. This is the energy that fuels our brains, our muscles, and our organs. In Western science, we know that the inhalation provides oxygen to our cells and tissues so that they can function. In essence, inhalation is life. (1)

With the exhalation, we release toxins and waste products from the body. (2) We can emotionally let go of stress and tension. In yoga, the exhalation provides surrender, relaxation, and letting go. In essence, exhalation is death.

From this viewpoint, every breath is a life cycle: a chance to get inspired with new creative energy, and a chance to let something go. We can be reborn with every breath.

So as you practice your breathing in this guided meditation video, notice how it feels to take in new life energy. Notice how your mind, body, and soul light up inside with this “life breath.”

With each exhalation, allow yourself to let go of the limiting beliefs that hold you back from feeling inspired. Allow yourself to shed old layers of yourself that no longer feel full of life.

Every breath helps you transform and become INSPIRED.

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