I am Present Meditation

Want to know one of the most powerful secrets to living a fulfilling life?  It's staying in the present moment. In the meditation video below, I'll show you a simple tool that will empower your life by simply learning to stay present.

Some spiritual philosophers say that suffering exists because of the awareness of time. (1) If we had no concept of past or future and we only had this very moment to experience, life would be a lot simpler.

We wouldn't over-analyze the past. We wouldn't dread the future. We wouldn't operate from fear based on past failures. We wouldn't sabotage the future with worry and doubt.

While the concept of time gives us opportunities to learn from past mistakes and experiences while setting goals for the future, it's important to keep bringing all of that awareness back into the here-and-now. What good is all your planning and personal growth if you don't let it inspire the present moment?

The present moment is where we can take inspired action, where we can actually create change and LIVE LIFE!

If you've ever felt like life was just passing you by, then you understand the power of the present moment. Time seems to disappear when we are fully present. We can relax and enjoy the moment, and often times there is just enough time to finish a task or activity when we are truly present.

There are no regrets when you are present because you have fully embraced every experience, every lesson, every moment.

When you're living in the present moment, you'll find yourself to be a more peaceful and happy person. You'll be a better partner, friend, and parent because you can give yourself completely to the people you love, rather than being distracted by the thoughts in your mind.

Meditation is very helpful for developing a practice of staying present because meditation is all about being in the moment. Meditation helps train the mind to ignore distractions, maintain focus, and let go of thoughts. (3)

In the meditation video above, you'll learn a meditation technique that can easily be applied to your every day life so that staying present is simple and effective. In this technique, you'll actually use the distracting sounds around you as little cues to keep you aware of each moment. Instead of ignoring these distractions, you'll be observing them without attachment, just witnessing life happening all around you. The key here is to stay detached from your sensory observations. Keep your mind in the present by noticing the stimulus and letting it go immediately so you can observe the next stimulus. This continues on endlessly. You'll try not to judge or start a commentary on anything you notice, but just observe it and let it go.

Once you have practiced this technique for awhile, you'll notice yourself becoming more alert and observational in your daily life. (2) While driving in the car, you might avoid an accident because you heard tires screeching long before you saw brake lights ahead of you. While chatting with a loved one, you might experience a deeper level of communication and empathy by noticing nonverbal signs and body language.

If you are looking to make meditation a bigger part of your daily practice, try my 30 Days of Mindfulness course! It helps you establish a consistent routine of meditation. That's where the real magic starts to happen!

30 Days of Mindfulness Challenge

You will experience more in the present moment because you are used to listening carefully for sensory cues in your environment. In this way, meditation can be experienced in every moment of your life, simply by staying present and noticing everything around you.

The most wonderful life is the one you're in, so embrace it every moment!

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