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Intention Inspired testimonial
Intention Inspired testimonial

Enjoy short daily sessions within our self-guided journeys that inspire deeper awareness and connection to Self.

30+ Journeys (and growing)!


We leave beliefs and dogma behind and instead focus on methods, techniques, and exercises to prime ourselves into inspired states of being.

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Subscribing to Intention Inspired is risk-free: If you don’t find it valuable, we will give you a full refund. No questions asked.

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what we believe
  • 🙏 We believe that all life is sacred, integral to the whole, complete from the start.
  • 🎉 We believe that letting ourselves be seen should be celebrated.
  • 👫 We believe that living our truth is easier when we have each other.
  • 💖 We believe we're all on the same journey home, each with our own unique path.
  • 🤝 We believe that together we accomplish more than we can ever do alone.
  • 🦁 We believe in empowering ourselves to believe in the power and beauty in our own voice.
  • 🥸 We believe the creative expression of our essential nature is our birthright.