My Journey with Intention Inspired: Learning to Forgive and Find Inner Peace

By Jeannette

I am totally rearranging my concept of who I am and who I want to be.

I struggled for ages on how to tell others about my journey with Intention Inspired and how they have changed my life. The reason I struggled was my failure to believe in myself and that people might not want to hear my story. But now I have learned so many things about forgiving others who hurt me. I have started the healing process I deserved and am finding inner peace.

The best thing that has come out of my journey with Intention Inspired is finally loving myself and believing that I can achieve my goal that I set out to do when I joined them in April 2017.

The Past is the Past- It is Not The Present

Ah, you may be thinking is it even possible for you to get this all from Intention Inspired Courses? First, let me tell you what I was like before I started my journey with Intention Inspired. Then I will tell you about the changes that happened that have transformed my life at present and probably will change my future as well.

Past MonsterMy life before Intention Inspired was one of sleepless nights, uncontrollable panic attacks, depression, flashbacks from trauma and binge eating that led to weight gain. I had so much anger inside me towards people that had hurt me in the past. I even hated myself for not being strong enough like I think others are. As I started my journey with my first 30 Days of Brave Challenge I realized that I had to forgive the people who hurt me, but most importantly, I had to forgive myself.

I used to believe that my emotions were part of my past, that my abusers had caused so much damage to me that I was too broken to heal. I went through life as a child learning how to feel unsafe, dirty, used, and all from the hands of an adult. I went on to endure a violent marriage that I eventually escaped from. My journey in life and all the emotions that arose had me questioning everything. There had to be more to this so-called life! I prayed and all I got through my time with God was that I had to learn to forgive. So, I began searching for ways I could learn to heal through forgiving. I stumbled upon the 30 Days of Brave Challenge by Intention Inspired and thought that I would try it.

I initially thought this was my last hope and if I continued in life the way I was it would be too painful to ever escape from the memories of my past. I learned early on in the challenge that I was living in the past and not the present. I was too scared to move from my comfort zone. I somehow felt I was safe because I had built many walls up. The further I got into the challenge, the more I knew that I had to bring those walls down and tackle my past once and for all.

I had eventually done the 30 Days of Brave Challenge twice and a friend also told me about the power of mindfulness. I was intrigued so I began exploring that idea too. The combination of the two was powerful. I learned that my emotions are mine to own and control. They don’t own me. I had to forgive to start the healing. And now, I have forgiven my abusers and even myself.

I now have total freedom from my past.

Yet my flashbacks, nightmares and panic attacks hadn’t completely disappeared. I had dealt with my past through the 30 Days of Brave Challenge. However, I knew I feared to be in the present moment and was terrified of facing the future. Then these incredible guys at Intention Inspired launched their 30 Days of Mindfulness Challenge. I knew about mindfulness and how it helped me alongside my 30 Days of Brave Challenge deal with my past. I was curious about how these daily mindfulness challenges could help me. I certainly found out!

I found out from the start that my biggest fear was facing the future and being pushed out of my comfort zone to achieve my goal of becoming a published writer. I am only halfway through the 30 Days of Mindfulness Challenge and already I am starting to realize my failure to believe in the power within me was blocking me from being who I want to be. From who I am.

The Future is Bright When You Live in the Present

As a child, I had always loved books. Books had the power to take me away from the world that had all the drama and trials to somewhere I could escape. I have had the urge to write a book since I was that little bookworm. Well now through my 30 Days of Mindfulness Challenge, I have awoken my creative side and finally, believe that I can be who I want to be and finish the book I am writing. Hopefully, by sharing my journey in life, all my traumas and my journey with Intention Inspired you can now believe in yourself, find the inner peace I now have and believe in the power to change yourself that lies within us all. We all need a little guidance. Just let yourself be guided to find the power within.

If you are anything like me, I urge you to become an Intention Inspired member, pick one of their amazing challenge journeys and find out what you are truly capable of. It really only takes a few minutes a day, but over time it can truly change your life. The best place for me to start was 30 Days of Brave. Maybe it will be for you too. You're more than worth it.

30 Days of Brave


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Jeanette Selfridge

Thank to all who have supported me throughout my journey and to ebin and matt for creating intention .

Carol Skiles
Carol Skiles

Thank you for sharing your story Jeannette!



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