NATURE ~ reconnecting with our natural instincts

Day 23 of 30 Days of Adventure

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Today, let's nourish the soul by reconnecting with our natural roots.


Our natural wildness yearns to be free.

There are millions of years of evolutionary instincts inside each of us. The essence of human nature is wild. When we reconnect with our primordial roots, we remember how wild we truly are. And how important it is for our soul to stay connected to our wild nature.


Much modern language describes humans as being apart from nature instead of a part of nature.

Many believe nature to be void of humans, a place where humans only visit and are not at home “out there.” This idea of wilderness is a cultural construction, which is rooted in the egocentric individualistic sense of self.

Beneath it all, we truly are wild animals.

We are born into this world as wild as the cape buffalo who graze the early morning grass in Sub-Saharan Africa.


Above the options of what we should and shouldn't be, we are as wild as the Golden Eagle who soars freely from arctic tundras to barren deserts, through coniferous forests along raging rivers, and over shrubland mountains and grasslands.


Without our tamed domestication that separates us from our wild nature, we are as wild as the Himalayan wolves, who have adapted to thrive the extreme conditions of high altitude environments.


As our language evolves as we each sing our own song, we're as wild as the humpback whales, who's single note resounds over 20 miles (for human ears).


Void of the conditioned layers that separate us from our primate ancestors, we are as wild as the Great Apes of the African jungles who share 97 percent of our genes DNA.


Use the questions below to connect with and honor your wild nature.


What are the cultural attitudes and beliefs that support my daily behaviors and ways of life?

What is at the core of the collective uneasiness that I feel?

What does it mean to live in right-relationship (ecological sanity) to the living Earth and one another?

How can I wake up to my deeper self, to my Earth-based identity, to my ecological self? 

How can I reconnect to ways of living that are more in sync with my human biology?

How much of my daily life do I take for granted?

Clarissa Pinkola Estés

Author of Women Who Run With the Wolves

Ask yourself, what is it you really want. This is the sorting of the seed from the dirt. One of the most important discriminations we can make in this matter is the difference between things that beckon to us and things that call from our souls.


As we connect closer to the core of who we are, we reconnect with our wild spirit of the soul that craves the joyful discovery of adventuring into the unknown.

How else are we to discover ourselves and what makes our hearts come alive amidst the vast beauty of this interconnected playground?


A secluded week-long retreat into the wilderness might sound ideal, yet nourishing our wild spirit is more sustainable by starting exactly where we are.

The more we find simple ways to commune with nature daily, the less we will feel the need to “get away” from the monotony of sterile environments.

  • look up at the sky
  • sit in the garden
  • listen to the bird's songs
  • connect with food
  • sink toes into soil
  • dance barefoot in the grass
  • paint your naked body with mud like the Earth warrior god(dess) you are
  • notice and release stories of body shame
  • soak in a flower bath
  • surrender to the tides of the ocean
  • walk atop a vista to salute the sunset
  • howl at the moon
  • watch as dark canvas of the night is illuminated by a vibrant sunrise

Simply observe, in deepening layers, the wild nature that is all around and within you. Listen for its calling to reconnect you to your natural roots.


How about you?

How will you reconnect with nature today?

We'd love to hear in the community comments!

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