The One Minute Meditation

By Matt Prindle

Don't have 20 minutes to meditate? Been there. Don't have your favorite meditation cushion handy? Been there. Don't have … been there.

But for all of the reasons to not, there is always at least one good reason to do.

So within the 1440 minutes in a day, I can always find one of those precious minutes to do my favorite one-minute meditation. The method is simple: we can release the mental chatter by feeling what's going on, right now, in the body.

Have a minute? Try it out! You can even do this standing, with your eyes open, on a public bus.


Take a deep breath.

Breathing in through the nose,
Breathing out through the mouth.

Breathing in feeling the lungs expanding,
Breathing out feeling a sense of letting go.

Breathing in to feel the body getting fuller,
Breathing out to feel the release of any tension.

Breathing in feeling alive and awake,
Breathing out feeling muscles relaxing.

Breathing in that sense of fullness,
Breathing out that unnecessary tension in the body and mind.

As you put this bite-size one-minute mindfulness into practice amidst your busy life, try starting to decrease (yes decrease) the time. From one minute to 30 seconds, to 15 seconds, all the way down to a single breath. What you will find is within a single breath, and a whole lot of intention, you can bring yourself back to your center anytime, anywhere.

Meditation nourishes the mind like food nourishes the body.

Here's a video of a health scare that showed me the importance of staying mindful, present and aware of my breathing.

If you are looking to add a little more Mindfulness into your life or just want to understand the benefits of meditation to cope with anxiety, fear, depression and a myriad of other ailments, consider taking our 30 Days of Mindfulness Challenge. It has changed the lives of thousands already. It has completely changed mine. We know it will change yours.

30 Days of Mindfulness Challenge

But in a pinch… nothing works like this:

Don’t have 20 minutes? That’s okay, this meditation only takes 60 seconds!

My intention for this project goes much beyond inspiration. It's an inward journey of self-discovery in an effort to create and contribute to something much larger than little ole' me. So thanks for stopping by and in doing so, contributing to the growing evolution of Intention Inspired.
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Judith Toohey
Judith Toohey

Since I lost my husband I have had anxiety attacks, some fear, and after losing my dad, I lost who I was. Now I fear dying. There, I said it. First time, I am admitting to the group. But I know it’s just a feeling of loss. I know I am OK and what is going on with me is cause by anxiety and at times fear, although I fear much less today. So the programs work.

Leto San
Leto San

I joined this because I’m all gloomy all day long and life goes on so I just wanted to lift my spirit up and start doing things in hope to not regret wasting time later on -which I always do- and in hope to be inspired to do better things so yes, taking,a minute to feel my existence and not loath was definitely an experience and it felt so well.


I personally struggle a lot with anxiety and I know it is NOT good for my heart. I’m sorry if this will affend you but at first I thought meditation was some weird practice where you do spiritually wrong things. I didn’t know better. Now I realize that I might need this but the problem is I don’t know how it works or where to start

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