😍 PRESENCE - interrupting patterns of past worries and future anxieties

💓 PRESENCE – interrupting patterns of past worries and future anxieties


Prefer to listen as you capture the present moment?

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😍 PRESENCE - interrupting patterns of past worries and future anxieties

Today, let's break the momentum of past conditioning by returning our focus to the abundance of this moment.

To be aware and mindful of what we are feeling … in this moment, what is happening, in this moment … the abundance around us, in this moment allows us to break the momentum of past conditioning.  We may also realize that in most cases we are safe and whole and secure…in this moment.



Read today's affirmation out loud with purpose and intent:

“When I drift to past moments or worry about moments to come, I take a breath and bring myself into this moment.

I am fully present in this moment.”


Being present in these Autumn moments connects us deeply to this Season.

As we practice what Autumn has to teach us, we can be mindful that we are in a cycle of preservation and gratitude for our abundant “Harvest”.   We can honor and accept the dark and the light.  We can prepare for a future of our choosing from our point of power in the present.  We can examine the past, intentionally to observe our successes, behaviors and lessons in small doses.

Relying on our creative processes, a more organized, cozy space, identifying and eliminating thoughts and behaviors that need to be composted, tuning into all facets of our being (some that may generally be neglected), listening and tuning into our intuition…lays a foundation, in the moment, that we instinctively know will carry us through.

Sit quietly for a few minutes, taking long, slow breaths.

Ask and observe:

  • How often does my mind wander to the past in a day?
  • When in conversation with another what stories do I tell?
  • How often am I anxious or worried about the future?


Capture the present moment.

Bring yourself into this moment …

How do you feel?

What can you hear?

What catches your attention?

Can you smell or taste anything?

You may decide to write the past stories that distract you from this moment, or the worries of the future around the edges of the page.

Around the “captured moment” write answers to the questions above.

How does presence feel?



“As I bask in the feelings of this present moment,

I feel grateful for _________________________  “



It isn't always easy to dance with presence.

So many things are designed to distract us and keep us worried about the future or focused in the past (including our own conditioning).  What will always ring true is that there is nothing but the present moment and that is where our point of power to become aware, create and grow will always be.

Please share your observations and creative musings in the comments below or the Art Room Activity Feed.


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