30 Days of Brave Journal


30 Days of Brave has been thoughtfully crafted to guide you to the edge of your comfort zone and lovingly nudge you to explore what's on the other side.

Designed to help with any 30-day goal to help overcome the fear that has previously held you back while keeping you inspired, motivated, and accountable.


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What could you do in just 30 days, with only 5 minutes/day?

  • build a healthier body
  • let go of past hurts and finally move on
  • connect intimately with others
  • balance my work life
  • take less for granted and be more grateful
  • declutter my life
  • be true to my most authentic self

Each day uses our powerful, yet simple formula for self-development and positive change:

  1. The Intention of the Day – to further develop attributes that cultivate courageous living.
  2. An Affirmation – to help you embody the Intention of the Day through thoughtfully crafted statements.
  3. Guided Prompts – to awaken your inner lion and prime a braver state of being.
  4. Daily Challenge – small courageous wins that will set your day up for success.
  5. Space to Free-flow – to give you a place to expand on ideas and reflect on your day.

Connect with a community of like-minded people who love to move their bodies, stretch their minds and push towards braver action.

If you have ever had trouble sticking with a 30-day challenge or goal, The 30 Days of Brave Journal is an invaluable tool that will gently guide you along the courageous path of your greatest intentions and a life fully lived.

This brave journal was developed with the help of over 140,000 Intention Inspired family members who completed the 30 Days of Brave Challenge. Thank you for your support and feedback that ultimately lead to the creation of this journal!

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Dimensions 5 × 4 × 0.15 in

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