RECEPTIVE – following breadcrumbs from trail angels

Day 12 of 30 Days of Adventure

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Today, let's uncover spirited guidance for our next best steps within each connection.


Spirit works in mysterious ways.

As we journey onward, our paths will cross with those who unexpectedly support us on our journey. These are our trail angels and they want us to succeed on our adventure, just as we want them to succeed on theirs.

Connecting with a trail angel may just be one of the most nourishing and inspiring aspects of any adventure.

They often arise in the most unlikely places at unexpected times. And they vanish onward just as quickly as they appear. Perhaps never to be seen again. Or through synchronistic swirls, they can become life-long friends.

Trail angels create trail magic in the form of open-hearted kindness and generosity.

Trail magic manifests many forms: a ride into town; a cold soda at the trailhead; a shower and a bunk. Trail angel hospitality can restore faith in our mission and raise our spirits on the physically and mentally difficult days.

When an unexpected connection happens today, let's strive to be extra present, curious, and open to what this divine encounter of swirling souls has to offer.

Every being we connect with on our adventure creates an equal opportunity for each to be a trail angel for the other. We may never know how profound a compliment, inspired guidance, or shared snack may impact another.


“The Divine in me recognizes and honors the Divine in you.”


“Beloved” painting by Autumn Skye

This is a mirror to us all! It celebrates our uniqueness and diversity, as well as our capacity to co-create so much more by coming together in love and community.



I am exactly where I need to be.
The Universe guides me and supports me in creative ways.
I trust in the divine timing of synchronistic connections.
I listen with a willingness to be changed by what I hear.
I honor and respect all beings with an open mind and loving heart.
I recognize my own ability to serve and inspire.


Let's honor one of our trail angels by acknowledging their trail magic.

We don't always recognize trail angels in the moment. But when we look back we can see and honor them for the purpose and divine catalyst they were to us.

Reflecting on the adventure of your life, who would you consider to be a trail angel and what kind of trail magic did they bestow on you?

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