🤩 REFLECTION – discovering our worthiness and greater capability


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It's on the strength of observation and reflection that one finds a way.  So we must dig and delve unceasingly.

– Claude Monet

Let's discover our worthiness and within it, our greater capability.

This week, we dig and delve deeper into our understanding of our own selves to realize that we can handle life's challenges with competency and grace.  With our observation we can prove that we are worthy and deserving of love and happiness.

Our self-esteem is one of our deepest psychological needs.

We are generally our worst critics and our judgments of ourselves dictate how fully we allow ourselves to live and love. It can be said that our “concept of self tends to be our destiny”. It is our higher self that knows the truth of who we are without judgment or analysis. In this segment, we look at our higher self.

Let's begin, with a pause.


There are times in our life when we are in awe of our own wisdom and abilities.

Those times may feel fleeting but we intuitively know that if we could live our life in this state of awe, gratitude, and wisdom, our lives would be transformed.

Bring yourself into the moment with three long, slow breaths.

  • Do a body scan and become aware of how your body feels in this moment.
  • If you are feeling stress or resistance, acknowledge it and then shake it off (literally or mentally).
  • Three more long, slow breaths.
  • Remember a time when you were in awe of your own wisdom.
  • See if you can reinvent the feeling place of this experience.
  • Call upon your higher self.
  • Ask for guidance and awareness as you move through this segment.
  • Document any observations.

What is one emotion or feeling you enjoy tapping into?


My higher self is always with me.

I openly celebrate the wonder of my being.

What is one way you will celebrate the wonder of your being today?


Let's celebrate our Beauty!

We spend a lot more time berating ourselves for what we haven't done, didn't do right, or missed doing than we do celebrating our wisdom and compassion. As a tribute to the moments that we spoke with grace and clarity at exactly the right time, chose a path based on our own passion, followed our intuition, or witnessed synchronicity, we acknowledge the Beauty that is our higher self.

  • Document every remembrance or experience where you listened and followed the guidance of your higher self.

What is one experience that you remember hearing and following the guidance of your intuitive Beauty?


📓 ✍🏼

Enjoy & discover as you complete the following sentences:

If there is a part of me that knows more than my conscious mind …

When I feel connected with what really matters to me …

As I learn to accept my feelings whether I like them or not …

As I learn to accept all the different parts of me …

If I surrender to the process of growth and change …

If I exercise the courage to honor my own life …

If I were to take full responsibility for getting what I want …

If I allow old wounds to fade away …

If I stop blaming others and start living …

If I honor what makes me feel excited …

As I learn to hear the voice of my Higher Self …

As I learn to honor my own wisdom …

When I am fully ready to see what I see and know what I know …

As I breathe in deeply and feel my own power …

As I allow myself to feel lighter …

I am becoming aware …


Nice work!

What is one inspiring thing you discovered about yourself during today's journal exercise?


Following our final journaling session, stay in this state of open, flowing communication with your higher self.

Fill an entire page of your journal with endings to this sentence:

If any of what I have been writing is true, it might be helpful if I …

We are worthy and we are powerful.

This has been quite a journey of self-discovery and we are competent to handle change and the wonder of our being in all its glory. Repeat the sentence fragments above to gain further information or create your own if there is a topic or pattern you would like to explore.

What is one takeaway you've discovered about yourself today that you're inspired to take action on?


Today, create something that represents Your Higher Self.

Creative Journal page by Marva Midkiff


Over to you!

What materials, images, colors, shapes, etc. represent Your Higher Self today?

Feel free to come back and share it with us in the comments below or on our private online community »

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