Release Stories that prevent creativity

Release Stories That Kill Creativity

A belief is only a thought that you keep thinking and the only thing that keeps you from who you really are and what you really want.

— Abraham-Hicks


Today, let's release limiting stories and recover our creativity.



Feel like you're in a creative rut and don't know how to get out of it?

Been there. We got you.

It's normal to feel stuck sometimes. This will pass. You will find your way out. You are a strand of the divine Fabric after all.

Uplifting inspirations are all around (hence the inherent desire in all beings to serve one another).

Seek, notice, observe. Within and without. Seek, and you will find. Look to what's here, now. Listen for the ways to nurture your creative spark.

The Artist's Way, by Julia Cameron, provides the practices and exercises that will help notice and release the stories that are preventing you from being your most creative self.

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L E T ‘ S   P R A C T I C E

The #1 tool for creative recovery in The Artist's Way is Morning Pages.

Morning pages are three pages of longhand writing, strictly stream of consciousness.

Oh, god, another morning. I have nothing to say. I need to wash the curtains. Did I get my laundry yesterday? Blah, blah, blah…

— your morning pages

It may seem senseless, but anyone who faithfully writes morning pages will be led to a creative connection with a source of wisdom within.

C O N V E R S A T I O N S   W I T H   S E L F

The morning pages are always the hardest for me! I find myself resisting them, even though I know how important they were.Hold the vision. Trust the process.

Okay … I'm determined to get past the fear and resistance created by my stories.

Pour your heart onto the pages.

I've been writing about fears and doubts. I been writing about anything that made me happy and proud. I've been writing about … ANYTHING!

How have you felt after your morning pages?

I've been feeling a refreshing sense of calm and clarity. I continue to write in them every day because they are what help me reach the other side of my uninhibited Self – the part that was strong and clear, fearless, and free!


M I C R O    C H A L L E N G E

Take 10 minutes and write three pages of anything!

Take note of how you feel now, and how you feel afterwards.


T R A I L   M A N T R A

beliefs are just thoughts you keep thinking

Beliefs are just thoughts you keep thinking.


O V E R    T O   Y O U

What helps you notice the stories you tell yourself that prevent your creativity from flowing?

Share in the comments below.

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