Marva Midkiff

Remembering who we are with Marva Midkiff

By: Maria Vandenburg

Our discussion with Marva opened up with how concepts like spirituality, self-development, and self-discovery are often hard to put into words. Marva reflected that some of our terms are overused and have now taken on an altered definition. “Spirituality” can have many different meanings depending on our own personal understanding of it.

“The search for all that we are is a life-long journey to expand upon what we were born with.  It’s remembering who we are, tapping into the source inside of us, learning that we are the creators and using that information to create. Spirituality for me is an expanding consciousness.”

We think that is beautifully said.

She goes on to say “We are the World Healers, as long as we don’t get bogged down with the internal chatter of ‘it’s never going to work,’ or ‘I’m not creative.” Because the fact of the matter is that we are creating every moment of our existence through the power of our thoughts and feelings.

Marva calls finding Intention Inspired a “gift from the universe.” She has been on this journey for 30+ years. When she first found Intention Inspired she was discouraged and tired.  She had recently looked through old journals and felt like she was in the same place as when she wrote them. Ahh, the familiar voice of the inner critique. She was at the point of stopping, and then Intention Inspired appeared.

“It showed up and made me evolve without me even realizing it. The experience was fabulous. I created my very first art journal. I took each day and turned them into sketches. It got me back into my practices, turned me into an advocate again.”

Marva thought it was so impactful because “we were all on the same page. I became a teacher with the community, I focused on what brought me joy, helping to shift perspectives and asking others ‘how about you look at it another way?’”

She is a wonderful teacher and advocate within the community, but how does she teach herself?  “Meditation, journaling, and reframing.  If I can sit and take myself out of my own head for an hour, it cleanses the whole palate. I’m an empath, so I collect things throughout the day, picking up on other people’s emotions and pain, and I work towards the balance of it all.”   Marva helps to remind us that we are never alone, we are loved/love, and part of the journey is remembering that.

She talks about observation as the key to reframing. “I spend time paying attention to the level of vibration that I am vibrating at by the reaction of the world around me. Because we are creating our own reality, what’s popping up in front of us all the time is a message that needs to be of service, if it brings you to a feeling.”

So how specifically does she do it?  “I take every emotion that comes up and observe it. I pay attention to what the emotion is first, where did it come from, how often do I see it and how would I like this interchange to be in the future. That’s the process of reframing and it all starts with the observation, observation without judgment.”  We can have any reaction we want to what is happening around us, and there is strength in the recognition of that.  “The wonderful thing about observation is, is that as soon as you turn your attention to it, it becomes less of a solid. It’s one of the greatest practices. Take anger, depression, and unworthiness, for example, when we can move into a space of curiosity with those difficult emotions, that then completely changes the vibration.”  Simply by becoming aware and observing it, the opportunities for us become limitless.

Present-day, Marva is on her own personal healing journey, which she takes a leap of faith and shares with us, “When you decide you are going to heal yourself, you can’t incorporate any fear into the program. Sharing a healing journey with loved ones can be a challenge.  I put myself on a program right at the same time that I was invited to this new platform. I was starting to feel alone and I’m so grateful for the connection because Intention Inspired is a safe haven.”

She is also finishing her book called “A Life Creating.” It has all of the tools a person might need to move forward in this journey with the backdrop of creativity because that’s who she is.  “I really think that everyone has the knowledge that a joyful life is attainable.  We just need to know what tools to use to remember.  These tools can help us promote our well being and expand our consciousness.”  We are excited to witness and be a part of the process, creation, and release of this particular work of art.

To close, Marva shares: “We all create our own reality, and the challenge for us is to create with love rather than fear.”   Thank you, Marva for being here, sharing your beautiful, authentic and brave self with us each and every day. Our worlds are brighter because you are with us, as we spend time together remembering and connecting to who we truly are, and the power in our creation. 💖

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