SAFE – loving beyond fearful illusions

Day 3 of 30 Days of Adventure

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Today, let's fortify the inspired vision of our adventure by cultivating a safe and empowering environment for us to explore.


We all have that scared inner critic who just wants to keep us safe.

Those fearful voices can quickly tighten their grip as we stand on the precipice of trying something new. However, these fears of our inner critic are rooted in illusionary stories and thoughts that want nothing more than to be wrapped in a warm blanket of what is known, safe, and secure.

In truth, there is nothing to fear.

It may be difficult to recognize this if when we've given into the illusions of our scared inner critic—who wants to believe the illusions of fear so to feel validated in returning to a safe and known comfort zone. But we know that we are so much more than the scared inner critic who creates illusions of fear to keep us safe. And so we rise to the occasion and begin to expand into our next adventurous steps towards discovery, freedom, and growth.


In the presence of each passing moment, I am safe.
I rest in the wakeful tender space of awareness.
I attend to all that is with understanding and love.
I allow illusions of fear and doubt to rise and fall.
I take refuge in the liberating perspective of my Inner Being.
I listen and faithfully follow what brings me joy.


Let's expand beyond the limited perspective of fear with a gentle embrace.

By acknowledging fears that rise, we allow our fearful critics the space to be heard and to breathe. Shining a gentle, loving light on the shadow of fear allows the scared parts of our being to trust the inspired parts of our being—the parts that want to leap full-send into the adventurous unknown. Notice how by choosing to see and appreciate fear for the protection mechanism that it is, it naturally loosens its grip? As we further investigate these fears we might even notice what illusions they are rooted in and can find freedom by loving up on those scared parts of ourselves too.


The true nature of our healing attention is understanding and love.

As we simply notice our own presence and rest in that wakeful, tender space of awareness, we naturally step beyond the illusion of fear. We are no longer identified with passing states like fear or anger; we are free to inhabit the wholeness of our Being.


Through creative self-nurturance, we are more open to the field of Unlimited Potential that connects and supports all things.

When we're tapped into the true refuge of our Inner Being, our intuition deepens and the next best steps begin to be clear. Paths will appear for us. We can trust in our awakening heart and move forward in faith.

Let's shine the light of loving awareness on fear:

  1. Bring to mind the adventure you are currently embarking on and write your adventure on the top of the page.
  2. As you've been crafting the vision and approach of your adventure, where do you notice resistance? What fear(s) has been preventing you from taking action? Air out any fears that arise by writing them down in the middle of the page.
  3. Take a deep breath … realizing that in this moment, you are safe. These fears are only an illusion in the mind and you get to choose how to move forward.
  4. Surround this fear with affirmations of understanding and love. “I see you. Thank you. I accept you. How can I support you? What do you need most? You are forgiven. How do you want me to be with you?  I love you.
  5. Tomorrow we will add to this page with playful colors, supportive doodles, and healing imagery.


How about you?

As you adventure onward, what is one way you are inspired to ease the fear of your scared inner critic?

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How you start the day sets the tone for the rest of it.


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