30 Days of Mindfulness

By Matt Prindle



Ready to open your eyes to a new life? This is a journey into the self, where peace, clarity, and purpose can be cultivated.

30 Days of Mindfulness


Gia George is a yoga & meditation teacher, singer-songwriter, sound healer, and spiritual creator.


daily intention

Each day during this mindful journey stems from a thoughtfully chosen sequential intention.

guided meditations

Sit comfortably and listen as you're guided through a short intention inspired meditation exercise.


Powerful statements that help you embody the characteristics of mindful living.

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mindful moments

Fun, creative ways to take a nourishing pause amidst the busiest of days.


Short powerful expressions that affirms a mindful awareness to ripple throughout your day.

journal prompts

Thoughtfully crafted reflections that inspire personal discovery and self-knowledge.


Before … I was sleepwalking through life alongside all of the other sheep not doing so. I was fearful, attached, self-loathing, and not healthy physically or emotionally. With challenges to my heart and mind, which are one in the same, I can return to breath, the present moment, to self, and I can be love.
Life is more enjoyable now. It makes me feel that I can smile for no reason. Life just seems brighter! I feel calm and collected. While I still have trouble controlling certain emotions, I'm learning that mindfulness has made me appreciate the learning process rather than getting frustrated that not everything is solved at once.
I have become much more aware of how I feel in a given moment and better able to choose how I want to react and how I want to internalize whatever is going on at the time. I choose how to take in whatever comes my way and I feel even more prepared than I already did before this challenge to make healthy choices.
Mindfulness has helped me become inspired by strengthening the love I have for myself. It has helped me to recognize the true goddess that I am, and in turn inspires me to go after the things in my life that I really want. Finding that love through practicing mindfulness on a daily basis has been so incredibly healing and uplifting.
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My intention for this project goes much beyond inspiration. It's an inward journey of self-discovery in an effort to create and contribute to something much larger than little ole' me. So thanks for stopping by and in doing so, contributing to the growing evolution of Intention Inspired.