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3 Ways Setting Intentions Will Change Your Life

Why should you set intentions?

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If you're new to the world of setting intentions and creating your reality, I want to share with you 3 powerful ways that setting intentions will change your life.


1. By setting intentions, you'll never be disappointed.

you will never be disapointed“What?? For real? Does this mean that if I set intentions, I'll always get what I want?”

Not exactly.

Setting intentions helps us create our internal reality, that is, how we think, feel, and respond to circumstances.

When you set an intention, you choose how you'd like to feel regardless of the outcome. Even when the outcome is disappointing, you get to choose how you interpret that outcome. You get to choose inner peace, joy, and gratitude no matter what the world serves up on your journey.

This shifts disappointment into acceptance. It shifts struggle into creative, inspired action.

Creating your internal reality IS creating your reality because the only journey we're on in life is the one within- everything outside of us is elusive and subject to change.

What if what you want is actually a minuscule fraction of the amazing things that are actually in store for you? Why limit your experience by playing it small getting “what you want”?

Instead, set your intentions on feeling peace, joy, and gratitude no matter what, and you'll never be disappointed.


2. By setting intentions, you get to take control of your life

 intentions help you take controlEver heard the famous serenity prayer?:

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

Sounds nice, right? But I know we're all wondering, “So what the f*ck can I actually change in life??”

Like I mentioned in #1, it's our internal reality. THAT'S what we have real control over, and that's the only thing you need to control anyway: your thoughts, feelings, and reactions. Everything else is out of your hands and not that important anyway.

A good life is one in which you've got a grip on your internal world. You feel free, you feel inspired, and you feel like you're in the driver seat.

Setting intentions is the way to jump back into the front seat, buckle up, and grab the wheel. Choose how you want to feel and you get to take control of your life.


3. By setting intentions, you can manifest your dreams

manifest your dreamsSetting clear intentions is laying the groundwork for what you'd like to create in life.

You start with an intention. From that you create a visualization. You believe in it and empower it. You meditate on it and make it your mantra. And with the help of the Universe, you can manifest this dream into reality.

Setting an intention and expanding that into a visualization creates a crystal clear blueprint of the journey you'd like to take.

And believe me, if it's in your highest good, the entire Universe will conspire to make it come true.

If it doesn't happen, you've got to trust that something better is in store for you: something you have no idea about yet.

And no matter the outcome, you've already chosen your response (#1!).

With setting intentions, there is no disappointment. There is open, flexible, spontaneous co-creation with the Universal grand scheme playing out before us.

Get in the driver seat of your own journey and enjoy the ride.

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