From Sibling Rivalry to Sibling Harmony

By Amy Leo
Amy Leo
Amy Leo is a fellow human being doing the best she can. She is a three principles paradigm coach, singer-songwriter, and travel addict. With a background in social work and mental health education, she is passionate about alleviating human psychological suffering and travels the world sharing a simple, profound, and scientific truth of how our human minds can work for us, instead of against us...particularly when it comes to our relationships. She loves dogs, her Finnish fiancé (she is even learning Finnish to prove it!), and could put Tzatziki sauce on nearly anything.

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Wow! I really needed this today. My brother and I have not spoken to each other for years. We were blocked from each other on FB for a while and as time has progressed, at least that part is gone now. I am going to see my mother for Christmas and he lives close to her. I am dreading this and trying not to worry about the time that I will have to spend with him. I shut myself off years ago from him. He hates me and because of that, he hurts me. I have never done anything in particular to him, it is mostly his perception of me and what he thinks I stand for. But in all honesty, he really doesnt know me that well. He knows us as kids, he doesnt know me as an adult. I have been clean and sober over 27 years. I have been doing some pretty heavy soul searching and looking at my part in things and I have some amends to make with him. Im not looking forward to it. Well, I am because it will be a good place to start, but I am not because of fear of… Read more »



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