SYMBOLIC - deepening the connection we have to the cycles Autumn

🌀 SYMBOLIC – deepening the connection we have to the cycles Autumn


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SYMBOLIC - deepening the connection we have to the cycles Autumn

Today, let's play with symbols of Autumn in ways that deepen the connection we have to the cycles of the Universe.



Read today's affirmation out loud with purpose and intent:

“All around me are symbols of the ripeness and abundance of Autumn.

I feel the connection to Nature's cycles with my whole being.

I go within to honor the Harvest of my journey.”


Autumn is a season rich with symbolism.

Falling leaves, pumpkins, Thanksgiving and Halloween may be the symbols that spring to mind. However, there is so much more to be learned from this season of Harvest and how it connects to the maturity and awareness of our own cycles.

For those of us in the Autumn cycle of our life journey, we may look at the Symbols of Autumn with conflicting emotion.

There may be a sadness, yet also a feeling of fulfillment.  There may be some fear, yet also a feeling of peace and knowing. Autumn brings a knowing.  All of these conflicting emotions allows us to choose what best serves us best from a cornucopia of possibility.

These are some of the aspects of Autumn that may apply to our stages of development both internally and externally:

Harvest • Ripeness • Maturity

As an idea manifests into reality it becomes ripe with possibility.  Autumn represents the apex of all “fruits”.  The natural cycle is full and ripe but also comes with a knowing that this is the peak of the cycle and all things will change.

Impermanence • Letting Go • Acceptance

As the leaves change color we gaze in awe at the canvas they create.  We also know what that means.  All things are impermanent.  Autumn gives us the opportunity to accept and honor the cycles of birth, growth and death on all levels. Whether it is changing conditioned behaviors, dealing with our bodies as they age, a brilliant idea or a tree as it sheds its leaves, there is a cycle to all things.  Winter is coming.  We choose how we navigate this cycle.

Preservation • Connection • Preparation

Animals collect and store their harvest to prepare for Winter.  They prepare their spaces for hibernation.  We, too, can use this time to preserve the bounty that feeds our soul and to prepare our indoor (and internal) spaces, making it comfortable for the cold months ahead, for ourselves and our cohabitants.  It is these cohabitants that we rekindle and reexamine our connection to during these Autumn days.


The days and nights are returning to balance during this cycle.  This gives us the opportunity to explore both the “light and the dark” of our nature.  As part of the cycle we revisit the idea that both are equally important and worthy.  We give each their voice and we accept that this contrast is vital for our growth.


Are you familiar with Rune Stones?

The Rune symbols are an ancient Anglo Saxon alphabet over 2000 years old. Traditionally they were used for protection, gravestone markings, communication and magic.

No one knows for sure the origins of the rune alphabet but there is something mystical and wise about these symbols.  (If you want more information on runestones and their use there is great information online).

Today we are going to make our own symbolic language.

The Symbols of Autumn

After reading the Autumn Inspiration above let's make at least ten symbols that resonate with this season with an explanation of our meaning.


“There is so much to appreciate from this season of Harvest and how it connects to the maturity and awareness of my own cycles.

I am grateful for _____________________ “



Symbols and Rituals are a valuable part of our diverse culture.

As humans, we “need” to create meaning of the world around us. There is such creativity wrapped up in the way these rituals and symbols enhance our lives.

Symbols help us understand the connection we have to the cycles of the natural Universe and playing with them (as well as creating them) is both a  wonderful expression of our creative power and a lot of fun.

Please share your ideas and symbols in the comments below or the  Art Room Activity Feed.


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