The Gumption Behind Getting Things Done

By Amy

There is a famous Tony Robbins quote that has stuck with me for years now. He states, “The defining factor [for success] is never resources, it’s resourcefulness…it is not resources, but resourcefulness that ultimately makes the difference.”

I am resourceful
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We don’t have look far to see the truth in this. There are a plethora of success stories where an individual was faced with a significant lack of resources such as time, money, contacts, or even a right hand.

That’s right! The story of Jim Abbott highlights the implications of resourcefulness versus resources. Jim Abbott was born without a right hand. Yet in 1993, Yankee player Jim Abbott joined an elite group of pitchers honored with the title of throwing a “no-hitter”…meaning the other team did not get one single hit throughout the entire game. To put this in perspective, only 295 “no-hitters” have been recorded in Major League Baseball’s 141 year history, this averages out to be only 2 per year within the entire league (1). Take a moment to soak in the remarkability of Jim’s story!

“The beauty of Jim’s story is that it illustrates how the innate capabilities of his mental equipment allowed him to achieve his success. It never occurred to him that he was limited. He did not conjure up positive thoughts. In the absence of any thinking about his condition, the system seemed to provide him everything he needed…if you understand these basic capabilities within yourself, you will naturally see how to be at your best more easily.”  — Manning K., Charbit, R. & Krot, S.

Here’s another example. Think age is something that automatically means you can’t do something either? Well, Diana Nyad was 64 years old when she was the first person to swim the 110 miles from Cuba to Florida. It was her fifth attempt when she finally succeeded. Imagine all the years of painful endurance training (she hadn’t swum in 30 years until she began training for this feat) and the disappointments with each previously failed attempt. What does Diana say about this: “It’s about having a steel-trap mind.” Talk about gumption!

So what do we mean when we talk about resourcefulness? We are talking about the inborn capabilities of human beings because resourcefulness is a birthright of sorts.

Our most precious resources are our internal ones. The most powerful human resources are emotional states such as creativity, passion, determination, and love. When a person taps into these powerful states, outside circumstances are overcome. That is because all of a person’s faculties go towards achieving this goal, despite the odds. The subconscious mind is put to work with one focus in mind (1).

New ideas emerge with how to accomplish the goal despite a lack of outside materials or a clear how-to. Via the intention of resourcefulness, a person directs her or his focus not on what they lack, but towards what they already have going for them. They make linkages in the mind that didn’t exist before. They reach out to people they already know who could help them achieve their goals. They utilize their current strengths and come up with creative ideas such as bartering in exchange for monetary payment or they form partnerships…or any other myriad of ideas to deal with the issue of “lack.”

God getting things done like the great I AM he isResourcefulness is the ability to find quick and clever ways to overcome difficulties and the more you look in this direction, towards creativity, current ability, and positivity, and away from limiting beliefs and all the reasons why you can’t do something, the more frequently fresh ideas and creative concepts will emerge in your psyche which will only continue to guide you on your journey and help offset the repercussions from any difficulties faced along the way (2).

Still don’t think you got the goods? Don’t feel you are resourceful or powerful?

I am resourceful
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“Here’s the good news: with training, scientists have now shown, we can literally rewire the neural pathways that regulate our emotions, thoughts, and reactions. This means we can create new neural pathways – highways in our brain – that lead us to compassion, gratitude, and joy instead of anxiety, fear, and anger. We can reprogram our brains’ automatic response, and all it requires…is a conscious effort to build new pathways.” —  Forbes

So either way, whether you experience resourcefulness as natural and something you already possess or if you believe you have build your resourcefulness muscle through practice, you are resourceful. Repeat it after me, “I am resourceful.”

Great. Because that is the truth and the deepest parts inside of you know this already.

Call to action: Brainstorming time! Write down one of your top goals. A goal you’d like to achieve by the end of this year. Now, write down all the people that pop into your head that may be able to help you with this goal. Write down any other resources you have at your disposable currently. What inner strengths and innate resources do you already have at your fingertips? Contact one of those people from your list or take another bold, inspired action that flexes your resourcefulness muscle.

 Next start our 30 Days of Gratitude and get ready to see an amazing amount of resources that are already available to you. You just haven’t been able to see them yet!

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