Turn Obstacles into Opportunities with Optimism

Turn Obstacles into Opportunities with Optimism



Today, let's crack a smile in the face of adversity so that we can escape the tunnel vision of victimization and shed light on the opportunities concealed within every difficulty.


Turn Obstacles into Opportunities with Optimism

Let us embrace optimism as a sacred place,
that invites opportunity with ease and grace.
Let us take responsibility as we listen to our face;
for in every difficulty, an opportunity awaits.

Let our smile be a beacon of our guiding light,
as we follow what feels good into the night.
Let us embrace each moment with a joyful heart,
accepting and loving all as a divine work of art.


Optimistic Quote – Marsha Petrie Sue

“Every day is a new beginning. Treat it that way. Stay away from what might have been and look at what can be.”

– Marsha Petrie Sue



In a study published in the journal Psychological Science, researchers asked participants to hold a pencil in their mouths in one of two ways: either with their lips (which prevents them from smiling) or with their teeth (which activates the muscles used in smiling).

The participants were then shown a series of cartoons and rated how funny they found them. The results showed that participants who held the pencil with their teeth (thereby forcing them to smile) rated the cartoons as funnier than those who held the pencil with their lips (preventing them from smiling).

This study suggests that even forcing oneself to smile can have a positive impact on mood and outlook, and that smiling can influence our perception of the world around us. It may inspire optimism and encourage people to smile more often, even if they don't necessarily feel like it at first.

"According to the facial feedback hypothesis, people’s affective responses can be influenced by their own facial expression (e.g., smiling, pouting), even when their expression did not result from their emotional experiences. (Strack, Martin, & Stepper - 1988)"

Check out BBC's Michael Mosley who put this study to the test!

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I radiate an optimism born from the deep understanding that challenges are sacred gifts that invite me to transcend my limitations and expand my consciousness. By embracing a benevolent attitude towards all circumstances, I alchemize adversity into almighty opportunities for growth and self-discovery. I welcome fear and resistance as guides that point me toward the hidden treasures of my soul. With every breath, I imbue my being with the sacred flame of love, dissolving negativity and raising my vibration to the highest levels of joy and creativity. My smile is a beacon of hope, lighting up the darkest corners of my inner landscape and illuminating the path of those who cross my way.

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Ready to embody more optimism!? In today's 10-minute meditation, we will take total responsibility for how we see the world and choose to cultivate powerful feelings of optimism, regardless of current circumstances.

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Illuminate the beauty in others.

अन्येषु सौन्दर्यं प्रकाशयतु

Illuminate the beauty in others



For the duration of Pharrell's Happy song, complete the three journal prompts below to invite optimistic creative solutions to a current difficulty.

Feel free to set your pen down to clap along and dance if the mood strikes! 👏😃

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A current difficulty I'm working on overcoming is …

How would I feel after overcoming this is …

I can use optimism to help overcome this difficulty by …



Today, in a moment of misery, crack a smile.

To prep yourself for this moment, try to force a giggle (maybe even a full-on belly laugh) right now.



How are you inspired to be more optimistic today?

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