Where to Dig to Find Wondrous Treasure Within the Adventure of Your Self

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Today, let's search for life-enriching treasures in the form of opportunities to explore and experiment.

Today, let's search for life-enriching treasures in the form of opportunities to explore and experiment.


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I am living my life with adventurous intention.

Life Is Either a Daring Adventure or Nothing

― Helen Keller

Take yourself back to a time when every day was an adventure.

When a pile of rocks and some sticks became a fort or a fairy garden.  When you could fly to the moon in a cardboard box. Maybe your days are filled with adventure right now and if that is the case I applaud your desire to find “hidden treasures” in your every day life.  You don't have to travel to the jungle or a great distance to have an adventure.  Seeing your experiences as an adventure is a matter of perception.


I savor new experiences.

Opportunities exist to explore and experiment everywhere.

Even in your own backyard.  Here are some ideas to search for the treasure in your own life:

*Take a journey to a place without leaving your house.  Choose a country or area you're interested in.  Learn about the food, the culture, the history, art and culture.  Cook an “authentic meal” from the region and possible learn some of the language.

*Take a moment to remember skills you may have used a few times, that you enjoyed or were good at and dig them up again (forgotten skills could be the buried treasure that begins an adventure.  Like setting up a community garden, a garage sale or making banners, painting mailboxes, papier mache'.)  Any of these skills could lead to remembering how much you enjoyed leadership or how skilled you were at project management, etc.

*Try something new.  You never know what kind of treasures you have within you until you try them.  A new sport, a new hobby, a new group to join, a class to take.

*Help others-Assist a charity, befriend someone, volunteer or just spend some time smiling at people or complimenting them.

*Have an affair….with yourself.  Take yourself on dates, fall in love with yourself, keep a gratitude journal of every wonderful thing there is about you.  Begin to see how wonderful you really are.

Every day can be an adventure!

Let's make a treasure map!

There are wonderous treasures within you and you are the hero/heroine of your story.  Make a treasure map indicating where you should dig to find:

Compassion        Joy        Beauty        Talent       Brilliance    Empathy     Love       Leadership        Wisdom        Knowledge    Positivity        Courage        Balance

Every day is an adventure!

I am grateful for my ability to


Please take a moment to pause and reflect on your adventurous spirit in the Activity Feed.

Can you see how many tasks or experiences can be turned into an adventure just by changing your perception?  How can changing your perception enhance your well-being?


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