WILD ~ living freely with a courageous heart

Day 22 of 30 Days of Adventure

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Today, let's embrace the calling of our wild authentic heart.


Let's claim what’s ours—Freedom and Joy!

To be wild is to adventure into the unknown and embrace whatever’s hiding there. All we need to know is already inside of us and we can trust in the guidance of our intuition. Despite the fears of others and our own ego, with no guarantee of success, let's take inspired action into the great unknown and trust that our Inner Being will take us exactly where we need to be.


Making a masterpiece of one's life takes the courage to explore our inner wilderness.

We all have a wild side that yearns for the freedom to go and do whatever we want … to travel to exotic lands, to sing atop mountains, or dance to the moonlight. However, many chose the ease and safety of cultural norms (a stable job, socially-accepted lifestyle, and financially-secure marriage) over trusting their intuition and making their wildest dream come true.

A dream without action is just a fantasy.

The danger of sticking with what is safe and easy is that our dreams become fantasies that are used to escape our reality, instead of taking the steps towards manifesting our dreams. The only way out of this vicious circle is to find the strength inside oneself and embark on a quest of courage, love, and support for our dreams.


Nothing, nothing, will replace your soul.

To be wild is to dive into the depths of one's everlasting soul and let passion and creative madness fly freely. This may cause us to be exiled by others and yet to comply with what others want causes us to be exiled from ourselves. Staying true to oneself during this journey is a difficult process when others try to impose their own fears on us. Yet through the awakening of our courageous action, we can greet these fears with compassion, knowing that their fears were once our own.


Let's create space for more of our wild authenticity to shine.

We are here to thrive and not to live in the shadow of past mistakes and shame that was imposed by someone’s insecurities. Anyone who does not support our dreams, our art, our life, is not worth our time. Let's take a moment to release what is holding us back, be it a job, a person, social circles, old habits, or old beliefs in order to make space for what the wildness of our heart is craving.


  1. Acknowledge what is currently holding you back from embracing more of your wild, powerful nature.
  2. Feel grateful for the ways this person or thing has served you in the past.
  3. Release this person, thing, or belief energetically and notice what actions are necessary to allow a clean and full release.



I AM WILD affirmation

I am creating a masterpiece with my life.
I courageously step into the unknown to uncover the essence of my soul.
I stay true to the calling of my heart.
I trust in the guidance of my intuition.
I release that which does not serve my freedom, joy, and growth.
I am authentic to my wild nature. 


Those who have the courage to howl will find their wolf pack.

Those who have the courage to howl will find their wolf pack.


How about you?

What is one way you are inspired to explore and express your wild free spirit today?

We'd love to hear your howl in our community portal!


How you start the day sets the tone for the rest of it.


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