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Marva here, welcome to my “Art Room” and our New Spring Creative Journal. This is a different kind of active journaling and a journey into the power of Creativity. This is not an “art” course (although we will play with art…color, prose, design, collage, etc.) and you do not have to believe that you are “creative” to participate.


Creativity Is a State of Being

Creating is an innate human attribute, available to everyone.  We will explore this.  You will find so much benefit to daily creative expression and so many areas that creativity can enhance your life. Each person that accepts this challenge and commitment changes the world for the better.


Aside from honoring Spring, this journey was designed to:

  • Examine and reframe our beliefs about our own Creative expression and expand our understanding of how vital Creativity is to our personal growth and our lives.
  • Allow us to create and observe ourselves while creating in a space that is non-judgmental, supportive and authentic.  You will find that sharing this journey with other co-creators really enhances the journey. We can learn so much and more quickly through the loving support and wisdom of others and sharing ourselves as we learn.
  • Remind us of the importance of keeping commitments we make to and for ourselves.  If, like me, this was not something you were taught to do, you will find out how powerful this practice of commitment is. This practice allows us to become mindful and self aware and to honor ourselves as we learn.
  • Observe ourselves in a fun and active creative format.  That is why I chose creative journaling.  It is fun and I can learn while I play.  My inner child loves it!

That gives you some idea of what this journey is about.  There are many layers to this onion and no matter where you are on your creative journey there is much for all of us to learn about loving ourselves and how creativity affects our lives.


A couple of rules within the Art Room

…there are no rules in the art room.  This is YOUR journey and your safe space to create.  How you do that is up to you.

I have a couple of rules that apply to the Creators that are in the Art Room.

This is a space of trust.

In the interest of everyone being able to share their creations, their triggers, their truth, and their challenges we must all feel comfortable and safe enough to speak or share.  This journey isn't always “rainbows and unicorns”.  It takes courage to create, it takes courage to step into the unknown, it takes courage to change.

Sometimes the journey is raw and intense.

Everyone's truth may not sound like yours but everyone deserves to be seen and heard without fear of retribution.  In the Art Room that space and that right is held and sacred.

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It's an honor to journey with you.

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