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  • My Intention Is

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  • I am Enough Meditation


    Feeling that you are "not good enough" is a crippling self-doubt that can affect many areas of your life. With this simple meditation tool, you'll learn how to let go of judgmental thoughts and feel full of love within.

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  • compassion

    How to Use Compassion to Live a Prosperous Life

    People often confuse compassion with empathy or altruism. Even though compassion often includes both emphatic reactions and altruistic acts, it is a separate phenomenon and we should be honored as such.

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lifestyle tools for mindful living

  • persistency

    Embrace the Power of Persistency by Doing These 3 Things Daily

    As children, we have such a marvelous capacity for endurance, it is surprising that as adults, we have to re-learn how to persist and be determined.

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  • curiosity

    Develop Inner Curiosity with This Powerful Morning Routine

    Nurturing your curiosity is a way of keeping in touch with your inner child, and more important than ever in today's world.

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  • progression

    7 Steps to Make Progress Towards Life Goals

    Do you want to progress in life? Nobody would ever doubt that this is an aim worth striving for. But how do you progress towards your life goals?

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  • What are the Most Wonderful Perks of Vulnerability?

    Vulnerability is a very interesting and much-discussed topic. It’s only recently that we started to think of it as a trait with a powerful potential.

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  • 6 Ways of Overcoming Obstacles Using Optimism

    Optimism is a disposition or a tendency to look at the bright side of life. Nowadays, tips on how to be optimistic are everywhere. But how do we sift through all the fluff?

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  • How Do I Know If I Am Truly Ambitious?

    If someone asked you to describe your personality, would ambitious make it to the list? And when it comes down to it, what does being ambitious really mean exactly?

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